Dear Santa,

In the spirit of the L&V Daily Chum celebrity wish lists, I’m going to make up my own fiber-blogger wishlist (hey, who is more of a celebrity in my blog than me!?)

* A Sheep 2 Shoe kit in Thraven, I dream of getting my hands on one of these.

* A Laguna bag by Namaste, Charcoal – since I (soon) will be all grown up and not a student, I should really get an all grown up and not a student bag, and naturally it needs to accommodate my knitting.

* Sanguine Gryphon rovings, Merlin and Gwenhyfar for example… or Sir Kay!! She has one for Sir Kay?! I love Sir Kay!!

* Wollemise Lace in Mitternacht, so much yardage in one lovely skien!

* Yarnissima kits (patterns and exclusive, guaranteed in stock Wollemise!!) Zum Dirndl and La Digitessa … excuse me I need a moment…

* Pre-orders of: The Intentional Spinner, Knitted Lace of Estonia, and Sock Innovation

* Harmony Needles: dpns, fixed circs and interchangeable – it never seems to matter how many of what size I have whatever I need, I’m out of.

* A few wheels of Un-spun Icelandic from School House Press, in Eggplant or Spruce

* Roving from CJ Kopec (and maybe time to spin what I already have from her….)

* Blocking wires …. or a blocking frame… or maybe even just some more of those foam squares for blocking on…

* And because you can not live by fiber alone… Rosemary/Sage Mehandi shampoo bars

And if anyone has a spare copy of Pulsiano’s Mediveal Scandinavia: an Encyclopedia kicking around I really really want one of those…


One thought on “Dear Santa,

  1. Those shampoo bars look interesting. I wonder how different they are from soap though. Harmony Needles are definitely on my list too. I think they were the only legitimate thing on my wishlist this year… well, I guess that means I’ll buy them someday, if not for the upcoming holidays and my birthday.

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