You Asked

Lady O is Kate an Origami Owl Independent Designer hailing from the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), but transplanted to the Maritimes.

Fancy some online shopping? Interested in hosting an online party? Thinking you might want to be an Independent Designer too? Check out her site here or contact her on her Facebook page.

In her downtime, she can also be found watching Sci-fi tv or action movies, playing around with photo editing, or indulging in one of her other hobbies such as knitting, spinning, cake decorating, leather working, quilting, or lifting heavy things.


One thought on “You Asked

  1. Hello and what a delightful site! I was cruising through the web and saw that you got a PhatFiber box! Congratulations.

    I’m also writing because I’m concerned about one of my samples…I was pleased to see you got one in your box but don’t understand at all how you could have gotten one with a knot in it (this is from your comment on your samples from the box). I hate knots and don’t put them in my handspun — I actually feel quite snippy about knots; a definite no, no. So I haven’t a clue how it was in the sample you received. I’m wondering if it was the figure 8 tie of the sample to keep it together you saw instead of a knot in the yarn…?? If there is anything I can do to rectify the situation, please let me know.

    And good luck with your move! May spring come soon.


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