Princess Power

I’ve been having fun telling the stories of members of my family, but there are lots of different kinds of stories to tell. How about your favourite fairy tale princess? Favourite movie? Favourite book? You get the picture.  Here are a few ideas inspired by the world of fairy tales. This French fairy tale tells… More Princess Power

Toes in the Sand

Today’s locket inspiration is inspired by my Aunt. This Aunt is my mom’s younger sister.  When I was little she spent a number of years working in Bermuda (I know, lucky eh?!). Flip flops, sandy beaches, palm trees and all things summer and island will always remind me of her.  While there she rode a moped… More Toes in the Sand

Move it! Move it!

So many ways to get moving, last night I paddled a dragon boat for the first time.  Never seen a dragon boat? This is what they look like. It is a flat-bottomed vessel, looks like a wide canoe, but really long.  Our team will have 24 or so paddlers, a drummer, and coxswain.  Wiki has… More Move it! Move it!

Manly Men

My father was looking at the locket inspirations I posted yesterday and asked if there were looks or lockets that would work for “manly men”.  At the risk of being politically incorrect I have put together some ideas that fit what I think is what he is looking for (ie. not sparkly, frilly, pink, or… More Manly Men