I can proudly report that: most of the laundry is done (I’m down to the last duvet and whatever has accumulated in the last day and a half).

The pie met with mixed reviews, A. for whom it was gluten free really liked it, Dad also claimed to like it, and the rest of us ate it, but wouldn’t have rated it the best we’d tasted. That would be a combination of the gluten free part and my having to fudge the topping (though, the crust really was the problem).

I finished plying the tussah silk/merino-silk.
Colourway: Barber Pole Blues
Skeins: 2
Ply: 2 ply (1 ply is pure tussah silk, handdyed most by me but some by … somone else, I don’t know who as I bought and it wasn’t labled by artist… the other ply is an undyed 50/50 merino/silk blend)
Singles: spun right (laceweight), combination of pre-drafted worsted, and over the fold
Ply: spun left, I think my original measure of c. 17 wpi probably holds for the whole thing
Weight: skein 1 – 90g, skein 2 – 67g
Yardage: skein 1 – approx 356 yds, skein 2 – approx 194 yds [Note: I think I probably have a total yardage more like 600yds, see what I did was take out my swift set it up and use a scrap piece of yarn to wrap around it, measure that (56inches) and then skein the yarn from the bobbin, count the number of wraps in the skein, multiply by 56, divide by 12, divide by 3 and volia. However, that assumes all the yarn is wraped fairly tight around the centre -smallest part- of the swift, which of course is not the case. So I guesstimated the yards per gram based upon the larger skein (4) and multiplied that by the number of grams (157), which gives 628 yds, and then I rounded down to 600yds just because that seemd like as sound a method as anything else I’ve done…]

The colours aren’t the greatest… but then our kitchen at midnight in a lighting storm doesn’t have the best lighting…

So, I think I’ve ended up with between 500 and 600yds of light fingering to lace weight. I really like the idea of doing a triangle of Frost and Flowers, but I’m a little concerned about the effect the barber pole will have on the over all appearence. The shawl is almost universally knit in a solid or semi-solid. (Have I mentioned I’m not a swatch person… as I suppose a swatch would help).

I also finished spinning the rest of the merino-silk. I don’t know how much I have, only that it is a tightly spun laceweight single.

I made some progress on the MDAN shawl, I’m now almost through chart A, just another 9 rows. I really need to get moving on that one. Note to Self: lace with purl rows is a good thing. I think I’m going to make this be my only holiday project, I’ll take any socks I haven’t finished (rpm that means you if you are still not done) or a ball of Austermann Step and start a pair of plain socks for knitting when charts are just not an options. I’ll have some spinning with me, as holidays are during Tour de Fleece (but it will have to be spindle as I won’t have room to pack my wheel), but mostly I think I’ll be knitting on the shawl, as I’d like to make a serious dent in it.


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