And then … and then …

Honestly, I think I’ve said ‘and then’ 5 billion times today!

My mom is at a conference this week, in Quebec city so I’m mom for the week. 

So far today I’ve:
*done most of a room full of laundry (and by room full I mean, an actual room filled with laundry, I think I washed every article of clothing, every towel, every sheet, every comforter, and every rag we own… twice…)
*planned meals and grocery shopped
*made tonight’s dinner, done the meat for Thursday (taco night), and marinated the meat for Wednesday
*made 2 gluten free pies (from scratch), and have dough for two more in the fridge
*had Anna bake gf pumpkin bread
*got Nick to switch the door hinges on the washer and dryer (which Mom has been saying is going to be done since we bought them… 4 years ago…)
*cleaned up the mess I made doing above
*gased up the car

That doesn’t count various sundry kid related stuff, and tonight I’ve got some driving to and from the dojo, more laundry, and some day I should clean my room (and maybe put my clothes away…)

I have not written anything today, alas. Hopefully with the laundry under control and food also, I’ll get some later this week.

Last night, I finished spinning the tussah silk I had dyed. It is a nice and fine single, definately lace weight. And plyed that with the rest of the merino/silk singles. Then, when I ran out of merino/silk I spun up some more of that (guess who learned to spin from the fold?!), and started the whole plying thing again. I’ve filled one bobbin and have another on the wheel, which I’d like to finish today.

The current wheel set up.

The full bobbin.  I first bit of silk (that I bought dyed) is much darker than the stuff I dyed.

I’m now trying to figure out what I should knit with it. I’d like to do something lace, I was thinking of using the Frost and Flowers shawl pattern, making a triangle instead of a square (basically just half it), knit fewer repeats, and try to figure out how I could make some kind of points rather than the border it has. (I figure I can just steal the points from the Swallowtail Shawl if I have too…) I’m not sure how much yardage I’ll end up with, though I will have both more silk (undyed) and more of the merino/silk. The bobbins should hold about 4oz each and I was getting about 17 wpi, but my brain doesn’t like any of the options for figuring out how many yards I have – which leaves me in with very accurate measurements of how much things weigh, but no idea how much yarn I actual have! HELP.

In random other news:
*I started a shopping bag. But I suck and only got just over 250yds of worsted, when the pattern requires 250-300 of dk. *faceplam* Oh, well, I probably have some other washcloth cotton I could match/contrast with it, when I run out. I really like the pattern, and will probably pick up some Butterfly and make more of them.

The circular cast on had me thinking I could crochet… almost.

*umm.. UptheMudCreek was destashing roving… so I bought some. Isn’t it pretty?

*AAAHHHRRRGGGGG!! For the umteenth time in the last few days when I am being all environmentally friendly and what not and putting laundry out to dry (rather than using the dryer), the environment responds by starting to pour! Fine if that’s the way you want to play it, I have 4 duvets, a duvet cover, and a mattress cover to do yet and they are all going in the dryer, until they come out dry!!  Take. That. :p


3 thoughts on “And then … and then …

  1. Y’know, you can only be so friendly to the environment before you need it to start being friendly back. Relationships can’t be one-sided, after all!

    You can also make a pretty serviceable niddy-noddy out of PVC piping. Mine is a 2-yard one and cost me less than $5 at the hardware store. Then just count wraps and multiply by 2. Done!

  2. Your day sounds pretty much like all of mine, including the laundry bit and not getting any writing done! Oh and add on homeschooling….is that one of your responsibilities this week, too?
    Beautiful roving….hope you get some spinning and knitting time this week.

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