Oh. My. Gosh. SQUEE!!

Look! Look! Look! Look!

It’s so fine, the camera won’t focus!!

I made lace – not like before where my singles were lace (like this):

Lovely, but infuriatingly fingering weight when plied.

But really real lace, lace where when I ply it it will absolutely be lace, not light fingering, but lace lace!! YEAH!!!!

I bought 50g of custom blended merino from the http://thepurplepurl.com/, it was a pretty purple (which is soo much prettier when opened up). As training for the Tour de Fleece, I started spinning it last night with the smaller whorl (up to this point I’ve been only using my largest one) and Holy Cow what a difference. This stuff is crazy thin – my brother was sitting across the room and couldn’t see it while I was spinning.

I started off spinning from the fold, but this stuff drafts so easily that it is in fact easier just to spin from the roving. I split it in half by weight, and will spin it up and then make a 2 ply lace yarn. I am so inordinately excited.

Oh and more pictures of the blue stuff…



4 thoughts on “Oh. My. Gosh. SQUEE!!

  1. Way to go! That is gorgeous yarn you’ve made. You seem to be a natural at spinning. It seems to be another story for me, though…….but your success is inspiring!

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