Origami Owl Bundles

Check here for special packages available through me as Independent designer, check back and see different ones.  From seasonal, themed, and Force for Good packages.

force for good sunshowers baby bundles

50% of proceeds from sales of the packages here go to support Sunshowers Baby Bundles and their work to provide essential baby supplies to low income families.

sunshowers baby bundles force for good origami owl

Download Packages PDF – September 2015


4 thoughts on “Origami Owl Bundles

  1. I think these are by far the most personal yet stylish designs that I’ve come across. My 1st origami owl was a gift from my sister and I love it. I’m not a fancy girl who wears lots of jewelry in fact I wear very little besides my wedding ring but love my bracelet and the charms I have in it.

    1. Thanks so much Jill – it is a great way to express so much and I’m with you on not having been much on jewelry normally, I love being able to dress things up when I want to or to keep it simple.

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