Last night of Summer

If you are like me this is a happy night, promising the glorious coming of fall.  I’ve never been a hot weather person, but I love a nice fall day – sunshine, cool enough for jeans and hoodies, but not yet cold, that crisp feel in the air, and the lovely colours everywhere.

And of course as part of the beginning of fall is the preparation for Halloween (we get a jump on it as we have a gala at work that involves a costume party).  And of course a little Halloween bling is in order.

halloween origami owl inscriptions charms

The fantastic new inscription plate; black or pink sparkle twist locket faces; the great 2015 Halloween collection including candy corn, jack-o-lantern, mummy Olive, witch, the spooky snow-globe, and the cute bow-skull; the sugar skull; black, purple, and blood red Swarovski crystals; BOO and black dangle.

What’s your story?  Scary or Sweet?

If you are interested in any of these looks, to learn more about Origami Owl, to host a party (including one on social media or by catalog), or to become an Independent Designer see my website or reach out to me on Facebook.


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