Hurts so Good

I’m enjoying some vacation time and started it off with my first virtual 5k.  Actually my first two as I doubled up my first month as part of the monthly free virtual race through Sara Brown and Run Like it’s Midnight through the Agent Outerwear.  It was hardly an impressive showing I ran /walked 5.35k in an hour, but it was a start. I’m feeling it badly the last couple of days and I blistered my heel badly, but it was fun.

I have another I’m registered for through Agent Outerwear in October, two I’m set up for through USA Road Running (Viking and Pirate themed, how could I resist?!), and of course the monthly with Sara.  I have a few more I’m looking at, this can be addictive… These should keep me busy until the snow makes impossible to walk outside.  I’m running numbers to see if a treadmill might be in my future and then winter runs will be an option again.

One of the attractions of the virtual races is the swag (another is not having to wait in line for a bathroom or use a porta-potty). Medals have become more common in races since I was actively running and I am finding them motivating and am eager to have my first one arrive.  In order to display my hard earned trophies I made myself a little something.

running race bib medal holder display diy

As posted before I enjoy process so here is a little on what I did.

I started with a piece of MDF it was salvaged from my shelving unit the flood destroyed.  Into that I drilled some pilot holes two for hooks to hold race bibs and then more along the bottom for holding hooks for the medals.

Then I painted it purple 🙂

running race bib medal holder display

I attached the hooks and using stickers spelled out a favourite quote (I think this might been the first Shakespeare quote I remember learning).  I could only find black stickers at Walmart today and I wanted some more contrast (also I didn’t like the damaged edges caused by pulling the stickers off of their backing) I tried outlining the stickers with white paint.  My hand was a bit shaky so I peeled back the sticker and then painted it in – I worked mostly.  I haven’t painted in a long time and it showed, but over all I am pleased with the outcome.  Now it is in the gym waiting for medals, I have to dig up my old race bibs to add in.  I may touch up a little with the purple, but I’m thinking this might be a leave well enough alone kind of deal.

running race bib medal holder display

Start of September has also means cooler weather (yeah), football, and new special offer.

free gift with purchase origami owl living locket twist face chain

Now it a great time to place that order in your cart – check out the details at  The Halloween Collection is live too! And remember to visit my facebook page and like for a chance to win a Swarovski Crystal Football Dangle!


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