Princess Power

I’ve been having fun telling the stories of members of my family, but there are lots of different kinds of stories to tell.

How about your favourite fairy tale princess? Favourite movie? Favourite book? You get the picture.  Here are a few ideas inspired by the world of fairy tales.


This French fairy tale tells us to look beyond appearances, since you never know what you might find.  A bookish country girl gets swept up in the magic and mystery of a cursed monster, only to find love, friendship, and her prince charming in the most unexpected of places.


Possibly the ultimate fairy tale showing that with love, hard work, and the right shoes any dream can come true.


Exotic lands set the stage for this princess, who saw a whole new world of magic and adventure in her search for love.

Princess Ariel

Even princesses sometimes dream of a different life, curiosity and love took made this princess a real fish out of water.

Snow White

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but this princess probably needed a stranger-danger lesson.

anna and elsa

This one is a double whammy, two princesses one story!  These sisters are their own powerhouse and learned is always better to face the cold with those who love you at your side.

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