Toes in the Sand

Today’s locket inspiration is inspired by my Aunt.


This Aunt is my mom’s younger sister.  When I was little she spent a number of years working in Bermuda (I know, lucky eh?!). Flip flops, sandy beaches, palm trees and all things summer and island will always remind me of her.  While there she rode a moped (we have a great picture of her and my mother on it – mom’s like 5 or 6 months pregnant with my sister – the military one – and they were going to get pizza). While she was there she got involved with sailing, hence ships and anchors, she has sailed in all sorts of cool places since.  She got her PhD in Michigan in Pharmacology.  She has traveled all over, but always comes home … eventually.  When I was growing up Christmas couldn’t come if we didn’t make some kind of gingerbread structure, our houses weren’t always structurally sound and we threw in a few sleighs and other things over the years for good measure, but it is a tradition that we still indulge whenever we can.  When we were living in the same province while was in university we would go on shopping trips together down town.  She was another of the knitting influences in my family.  The blue stone is her birthstone and is very blue water.   We had plans to run a race together, but that never quite worked out.  My brother told her when he was little that she couldn’t drink coffee because she wasn’t married, and she never really has – she was the only real tea drinker I knew for a long time.  (Though there are lots of other things to drink too, like the wine she picks up from a NS winery when she comes east, and other assorted adult beverages.)

That’s a little of my Aunt’s story. What’s your story?

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