Move it! Move it!

So many ways to get moving, last night I paddled a dragon boat for the first time.  Never seen a dragon boat?

This is what they look like.

Picture from New Glasgow Dragon Boat Races:
Picture from New Glasgow Dragon Boat Races:

It is a flat-bottomed vessel, looks like a wide canoe, but really long.  Our team will have 24 or so paddlers, a drummer, and coxswain.  Wiki has more on them here.

It was my first time paddling and it was pretty cool.  Learned a few things.

1. 20+ people bending and the waist at the same time really does help with forward momentum.

2. It is not like paddling a canoe.

3. A well padded behind does not make sitting on the hard narrow bench any more comfortable.

4. If you sit in the boat for an hour and then go sit in your car it feels like your seat is rocking with the waves.

I got very wet, but we did not tip the boat (which is great because it isn’t the nicest body of water).  It was a lot of fun and I am super sore today.

see wet...
see wet…

I’m looking forward to Saturday, we are slated to race twice – with a possibility that we would race a third time, but we are not counting on it.  It should be a fun day, hoping for good weather -but we will have a great time either way.

This one of my attempts to find different ways to get moving.  I’ve also been walking a lot lately and recently discovered an amazing trail near my home and started adding a bit of running in.  To keep me motivated on the walking and running I registered for two races, one in late August and one in October.  I’m hoping they keep me at it enough to register for a local race in late November.  There is some fun and exciting bling for these two.

Medal for virtual race from
Medal for virtual race from Agent Outerwear
Medal for virtual race from
Medal for virtual race from Agent Outerwear

The two I’ve registered for are virtual races.  A what? Someone has figured out that the crowds of people showing up hours before anything happens to stampede each other for a banana isn’t the most appealing essence of running races, and from this revelation the virtual race was born.  They are, like many other races, often charity events where people register online to run a set distance on a particular day or during a set timeframe for swag, support of a good cause, and the accomplishment of a race well run.  All in the comfort of your choice route, at the time of day that works for you, with friends or on your own.  If you are interested in learning more about these check out a couple of the more popular sites: Will Run for Bling and Virtual Nerd Runs.

Hoping to have my basement back soon (flooded in spring, long awful story, enough said) and once I do I can add weights back to my routine.

How do you move?


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