A Tale of Two Grandmothers

Happy Monday!

Today’s locket inspiration comes from two amazing women in my life with very different stories.

We will start with Nonna, my dad’s mom, in many ways the typical Italian grandmother.


Here is a bit of Nonna’s story.  The 3 coloured stones represent the red, white, and green of the Italian flag, also the garnet is her birthstone. And the maple leaf is for the country she came to as a young girl after the war.  Her faith is a major part of her story, reflected in various elements – the angels who she asks to watch over her family all the time. There is the family Bible with all manner of random extras we used to sit around the kitchen table looking at, cousins and aunts and uncles, mostly going through at the name meaning section and joking about what to name the next grandchild.  The Madonna who is all over her house, her purse, and her fridge, in pictures and statues. The rose is for the the garden that was always part of her home and for the many novenas to St. Therese.  If there had been food options those would have been here to (or if mange had fit better) since feeding us has always been central to any day with Nonna – but that was really her way to say I love you.  And family since having everyone around is her biggest joy.

Grandma, my mom’s mom, has a different story.


Some of the pieces of grandma’s story.  The cat paws are for the many cat images around her home – largely inspired by her first name – Kitty.  The sugar skull is for her birthday, Halloween, and the memories of travelling to her place for Halloween and trick or treating on her street, which was a very different experience of a small town vs the suburban neighbourhoods I grew up in (seriously candy apples and fresh gingerbread men and the neighbour who could take out his teeth!) Grandma is a maker, knitting, sewing, and crocheting – she first taught me to knit when I was about 6 and it is a hobby we have shared at different times over the year.  Her home was library of wonders for all my visits – hence the books – from awesome kids books and old novels, to comics like Garfield, and all sorts of craft patterns from knitting to quilting and sewing.  The cardinal is for the bird feeders and bird baths in her yard, and the little chicks she used to take us to see at the hatchery where she worked. The cards stand for the many hours spent playing games, in particular cribbage. She was once an Avon representative so as I child I remember copious quantities of the tiny lipstick samples.  She used to have the nicest angel ornaments always out in her spare room – I think they were paper and plastic canvas but I thought they were awesome. When I was little she rode a moped. Plants were a big deal, and though I associate most of them more with grandpa, rhubarb my brain says was Grandma’s and the flowers too. And lastly, it is a family joke that grandma always has a wine glass, at least that is what the pictures seem to say.

What are the stories in your family?

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