Manly Men

My father was looking at the locket inspirations I posted yesterday and asked if there were looks or lockets that would work for “manly men”.  At the risk of being politically incorrect I have put together some ideas that fit what I think is what he is looking for (ie. not sparkly, frilly, pink, or otherwise girly).  Though there are no rules that say men can’t have sparkly, pink, or frilly, but that isn’t my dad’s story and I’m guessing he isn’t alone.

I started with general looks:

manly looks
a selection of basic pieces to build manly looks – they stand on their own or could be combined with charms

What we have here are a selection of base pieces that could form manly looks on their own (please note, my background is Italian so chains with dangly things are considered manly).  In that vein, there are a variety of stronger chains in different finishes (like the silver one shown) that could be worn alone, or with one or more dangles – some of the more manly are shown here, like the ones that say Embrace Change, Choose Happy, and Leap of Faith.  The locket extender could be used to hang from the chain to hang smaller charms like those shown or attached to a key ring with charms for someone not inclined to wear their story around their neck.

The leather wrist wraps (double or triple) could be paired with a locket (like the black base shown) with charms  or just the open plates like the Let it Go or the open “love is” circle without any charms. And for someone wanting to embrace the thick gold link chain of their Italian roots that is available too.

Full on locket looks include the lanyard or standard locket with plain (ie. not sparkly) faces – these could be paired with the dangles or on their own, filled with appropriate charms, more on those in a moment.

The plates shown could go into the lockets as well, the charm keeper plate looks a lot like a soccer ball to me.  And inscriptions with relevant dates, names, or quotes are as applicable to men as to women.

Here are some of the more manly charms in the collection, though many others could be added.

manly charms
a selection of charms with men in mind, note the absence of extra bling and pink

The charms here a minimal on the bling but big on story; I particularly like the gold accented tractor.  The MLB licensed charms would be the perfect focal point to build a locket around for a die hard baseball fan.  There are enough sports and hobby themed charms to fill a couple of man themed lockets.  And for those in uniform there is nice selection of charms to reflect their service.

If you are interested in any of these looks, to learn more about Origami Owl, to host a party (including one on social media or by catalog), or to become an Independent Designer see my website or reach out to me on Facebook.


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