A Whole New World

Wow. Been a while and a lot has changed.

On the fiber front, working more in the sewing and quilting line these days than the knitting and spinning.

Still driving Bruce.

Moved farther east, not much farther to go now before I fall off the mainland…

Getting into weightlifting and been walking a lot, even running a bit. Signed up for a couple virtual runs to keep me motivated.

But mostly, starting a new venture – I’ve become an Origami Owl Independent Designer.

What’s Origami Owl you ask.  Great question, thank you for asking.  Origami Owl is a way to tell a story – your story, your family’s story, the story of what moves you, the story of your dreams or hopes, the story of your past, your present, or your future.

Origami Owl tells that story through personalized jewelry using Living Lockets, which are customized with different sizes, shapes, faces, charms, plates, dangles, and inscriptions.

Here is an example of one story:


I’ll be chronicling this new adventure here, telling my story as it were.  Here are some other story ideas, inspired by my sisters.

Inspired by my little sister
the Little Sister
My sister the QM
the Officer
the Nursing Student
the Nursing Student

Interested in learning more?  Check out my webpage here or visit me on Facebook.


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