Big Post of Randomness

So, I survived preparing for and pulling off a wedding!

dancing 4

Here are a few of the crafty things that went into the wedding:

Flowers – bouquets, flower girls, boutonnières, corsages, and tables

flower girls w flowers flowers


I made all the flowers out of card stock (in purples and a couple of black and white prints and out of book pages – Scarlet Pimpernel and Lays of Beleriand to be exact…). The corsages had the same flowers as the bouquets and the boutonnières were the same as the flower girls (naturally only a few buds vs giant balls of them…)

Shawl (actual knitting!!!)

The whole thing blocking, the bed is a queen and it goes off the edges

Project: Queen for a Day
Pattern:Queen Anne’s Lace
Designer: MMario
Source: Ravelry

blocked centre

Yarn: my hand spun lace weight
Colour Way/Fibre: Lorna’s Lace’s Wool Top, in Black Purl from the Loopy Ewe
Needles: 3.25, 4 and 4.5 (mostly 4.5)mm circulars
Started:  April 22, 2013
Finished: May 17, 2013
Blocked:  August 2013… nothing like waiting until the last minute…

blocked edge

Notes: Loved it, knit up fast and blocked beautifully.  I was looking for something that would come together quickly and could showcase my handspun.

I covered the guest book/ thesaurus.

guest book
I don’t have any pictures of the outside… but the fabric which peeks around the edges is a black on white damask canvas

And made the programmes, the confetti for the tables, the table numbers, and a variety of game cards for the tables. I also painted my fan black because it was natural wood coloured with purple fabric originally…

And I’ve also finished the MDAK shawl!  It only took me 5 years…. all the good pictures are the ones I took in Ontario of the first half, hopefully I’ll get some new ones of the finished shawl from my Aunt for whom it was a gift.

And I’ve been quilting up a storm.  With a few baby quilts, more super hero blocks, and a sewing machine cover for my new sewing machine (nothing special a Wal-mart Brother with quilting attachments, but she runs smooth and has a walking foot and can wind bobbins so I’m in heaven).

My current mega quilt project is a Churn Dash quilt as part of the 100 Club at the LQS Fabric Cupboard.  The Club works like this… there are (roughly) 100 spaces available you pay a nominal amount for one of those spots then each month you have to show up to the store yourself to pick up the fabric for a set of blocks – when all is said and done you would have a twin-ish size top for $15 – but of course the chances of you going back to the store once a month at least for months and only getting the kit are slim to noneish, especially with the coupons included with the kit (I’m thinking my first one might be a rotating mat…).  This is a brilliant small business idea, I applaud the owner for it and will happily participate and dutifully pick up random things when I go in for my kits.  Also you can get extra kits to make the top larger (queen size) and a border – which I will also be getting.

Anyway, I was reading the other day a blog post extolling the virtues of discussing process so I figured I’d outline here how I’m making my blocks (which I am pleased and shocked to say are turning out rather nicely).

For those of you who might not know, this is a Churn Dash block. Each block in the quilt I’m making consists of a cream centre square; 4 squares made of rectangles of each colour, and 4 half square triangle units.

it might make more sense this way, centre square, on the crossways are the squares of rectangles, and the half square triangles are in the corners

I didn’t include pictures of the cutting process, because that was done already before I decided to do so. However, my process for that is to find out how much fabric I have and then make a cutting guide on graph paper.  This helps me to make best use of fabric and to see that everything will fit.  As much as possible I like to make strips and cut from there.

Then I make stacks of the pieces needed for each block and pin those together in little packets – this gives me a second chance to count everything and make sure it is all ready to go when I get to sewing.

Then I take one packet and lay out the pieces.  In this case 4 rectangles (1.5 x 2.5 in) of cream and 4 of the colour together for sewing, the centre square (2.5 x 2.5 in) on its own for now, and the 2 of each fabric of the larger (3.24 x 3.25 in) squares together.  First I press a crease on the diagonal on each of the cream squares and these ones I pin, whereas I don’t pin the rectangles.

Then I chain piece all the units together going up one side of the diagonals and down the other on the large squares.

Then I snip them all apart and use my rotary cutter to cut the large squares into half square triangle units – and then go press everything open, to the dark side.



Then I come back to the desk and trim up the HST so that they make a 2.5 x 2.5 in square.

this got a lot easier when I got a square bias ruler, I was starting to wear a rut into the mat in this corner

Next lay out the pieces where they go in the block and start to sew the rows together – more chain piecing involved, then snip and press again.


Then I sew the rows together, one at a time, and these I do pin and I pin on the side with the angles (I have it in my head that my most wonky block is that way because I pinned on the side of the straight seams…).

back view – look at those seams all pressed and such, you’d almost think I knew what I was doing

Then one last press, then trim and ta-da Churn Dash blocks.

these are displayed on point which is how I’m thinking of putting the quilt together, I kind of like the look better

I got quite the rhythm down with them and finished all of this month’s in 2 days (would have been sooner but I had to go back to the shop for more cream – slight boo boo in the first few kits – which I anticipated due to my lovely graphs in step one, but the shop was already closed … still 12 blocks in 2 days isn’t so bad for a total noob.)

This is the finished top from the Dino quilt from… last year…
Here is the Dino quilt in action fully quilted
this one is also from last year and is the top of a quilt I made for my brother and sister in law
this one is new! baby quilt with half of a Ticklish jelly roll (there is a matching one with the other half but I don’t have pictures)
Also new, a pillow case – one of two – love these and have plans for lots more

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