Ohhhh Shinny!

My Connecting Threads order arrived 🙂

Charm packs of: Little Stars, Classic dots, Solid Soft Rainbow, and Smooth Sailing

And I have already cut and pieced most of the quilt top for the Baby Dino quilt I’m making for my new nephew.

Here is the fabric for the Dino quilt, I’ve decided not to use the brown stripes.

I still need to figure out how I want to do the dino applique (I am leaning towards a Heat n Bond approach) and I need to get more fabric for the backing.  I have almost enough of the brown polka dots (which were originally going to be for a border but I don’t think it works with my other modifications, I’m now thinking I’ll use it for binding).  I’m inclined to order more of the Ocean Mist City Blocks (which is what the dinosaur is going to be made out of) and use that for the back.

Quilt Top! (sans Dinosaur)

In the meantime I’ve got cutting and piecing (and more applique figuring out) to do for the quilt for my brother, which has yet to be titled.  That one I should have everything I need fabric wise for top and back, but I will need batting.  From what I’ve seen, I’ll be going to Connecting Threads for that too… It is basically this pattern x 4… and I invented a backing for it (we’ll see how that works out).  I’m doing it in blues with a little teal on white background.  My modifications call for 117  2.5×2.5 inch squares, cutting those out should keep me busy for a little while.

The fabrics for my brother’s quilt, I’ll also be using some of the squares from the charm packs in matching blues and teals.


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