Another day, another quilt block – this time the Master of Magnetism himself Magneto.  He is 14 x15 inches and obviously represents the letter M.

I have the Flash lined up and ready to start sewing. Should have just enough of all of these prepared to last me until my other fabric arrives in the mail.

I was looking through one of the boxes of sewing stuff of my Aunt’s and found the following two items among the items therein (which also included lots of straight pins, a couple of thimbles, a can of air, a flashlight, and a bunch of elastic).

This first is really quite cool, I assume it is for measuring seams and other short distances relating to sewing.  (From which I learned that I have been sewing .25 inch seams on the superheroes, however this seems to be working just fine so I’ll stick with it.)

The other is machine presser foot.  I think it might be an embroidery or a darning foot.  There was also a small embroidery hoop with a handle that appears to fit into a hole on the sewing machine, I’m hoping the two things were meant to go together, because if they do then I might actually have the equipment necessary for free motion quilting.  I will have to find some scraps and see what I can do.  I may also do a little googling and see what I can learn (there isn’t much to go on… plastic presser foot/attachment that says “unique” on it…)  My other thought is that it might be some kind of zipper foot (that it goes over the zipper and the hole is for seeing the zipper and that you are supposed to slide it so the needle goes to the side).  I’m leaning more in this direction, but still hoping to make the other work.  I might have to go through a few more boxes at Mom’s to see what I can find. Thoughts?

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