W is for Wolverine, really what else could it be?!  (Sorry Wonder Woman, you didn’t stand a chance.)

W is for Wolverine 3 of 26

Work really cuts down on my sewing time, so while I did get 5 characters cut and prepared, I only got the one sewn up.  Wolvie is about 15 x 14.5 inches, I am getting better at them (and it is faster when I don’t stop to press between each seam/row of seams).

I have Jean, Flash, Magneto, and Spiderman ready to go and Yellowjacket needs a little more black cut before all his little squares are ready (but I think I’ll wait to do that until a couple more characters are finished).  There is ending up being quite a variance in the size of the finished blocks so piecing it will prove very interesting I’m sure.  At the moment I am still contemplating turning it into a poster floor alphabet book rather than a quilt – either one will be enormous…

My first Connecting Threads order has entered the Canadian postal system, so it should be here soon – I’d like to say this week (and when I was in Brampton my KnitPicks order usually arrived the same day as the Canadian postal notice) but mail here is … less prompt…  I am excited to unpack that and have another order in the works, looks like that will probably be the source for more of my super heroes and I also need batting for the quilts I have in the works and haven’t been able to find what I want as far as the other fabric for the dino quilt so I may have to order some more….

Speaking of the mail… I just got this super cute fat quarter in the mail!! I won it from Jennifer over at the Sewhooked blog (go check her out).  She has (among many many other things) a really cool oven mitt tutorial that I plan to make and it was from that post that I won the fabric.  (Did I mention I may now be hooked on quilting blogs too…. oh dear…).

The are a hoot! (sorry I just could not resist) 

I have though actually finished a knitting project as well!!  Here are the specs.

Title: Snuggly Penguin
Pattern: Baby Tux Illusion Blanket
Designer: Steve Plummer
Source: World of Illusion or Ravelry download
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Winter Night and Bare
Needle Size: 3.25 mm
Start Date: Feb. 10.2012
End Date: late Mar. 2012 (some how managed to not record the date…)
Notes: loved it, my very first illusion knitting it took some getting used to but really was very easy and lots of fun and the blanket looks very cool.  I found that it was easiest to knit from my computer screen and bring the window bottom in to eliminate the row last knit, keeping track of it on paper was way too unwieldy. I made it for my (first) little nephew.


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