Today’s blog is brought to you by the letter E

Second block done in the Epic Superhero Project, I present to you E for Electra.


E is for Electra 2/26

Electra worked out better, having every individual square was much better, more cutting (less planing) and more sewing but more even and better presentation.  I will be going with this approach going forward.

She is roughly 13×15 inches (each square is cut at 1.2 inches and sewn together with .25 inch seams leaving – in theory at least – each square 1 inch); made up of 45 of her skin, 51 black, 45 red, and 41 white squares.

I cut little piles of the squares of each colour all together and then lay out each row according to the “pattern” (aka little pencil crayoned graph paper picture) and then make a pile of those.  I then sewed each one together (and man am I loving the idea of chain piecing – cutting all the threads at the end of the row is so much better than cutting each one – I did mention that seams are a whopping 1.5 inches long…), press the seams all to one side and then do the next pile/row pressing seams to the other side.  Once every row is pieced and pressed then I sew them together pressing all the seams the same direction – essentially I’m using the postal stamp construction (such as is found here – nice to know what I was doing as a name…).  It works up quite quickly and is very orderly in its progression – which is appealing to me at this juncture.

Next I need to cut more red and white, the Flash awaits.


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