New Leaves

WOW, it’s been nearly 2 years since my last post!! Hard to believe it was that long ago, but then on the other hand it feels like ages…so much has happened since then, on the non-fibery front (thankfully knitting and spinning don’t change much – very comforting that…).

Where to start? Things progress at work. The jeep (Bruce of the last post) is much less new. Lost a ton of weight (gained back a bunch – more on that after). Played in my very first home and away derby bouts. I bought a house (!) Got a dog (!?) Started dating my Alberta boy. Began several friendships, ended a couple…

Last year was a mixed year for me (as I’m discovering most years will be…). I learned a lot from things that made me stronger (and possibly stranger) – things I wouldn’t do again if you paid me, but each of them had it’s own silver lining. I’ve gained a great deal of perspective and no small amount of humility, not to mention a real appreciation for true friends near and far, for the love of my family, and for God’s mercy.

So what’s the big thing that’s brought me bag to the blog-o-sphere? Well, in the last couple of years I’ve lost nearly 80lbs, in the last few months I’ve managed to gain back a nice chunk  – about 30lbs. It’s not surprising, really, since schedule and injury have prevented the substantial exercise I was doing before; combine that with a change in the stress from emotional personal distress to run of the mill work frustration stress took me from not eating to stress eating. As a result, I’ve come back to my blog to chronicle a different chapter in my life (one which will still have fibery content) and get myself back on track in the physical sense. So here’s what I’m facing, what I’m trying, and the goals and milestones I’m heading towards for 2012.

The situation:
– unexplained back and neck pain, that have sprung up rather suddenly
– gained back 30lbs recently lost
– boyfriend who is a wiz in the kitchen and is particularly fond of the deep fryer
– point one above and work/practice times not gelling are interfering with my roller derby habit

The plan:
– doctor and physio are taking care of my back/neck – or at least attending to it
– starting in the new year I’m going to give the Belly Fat Cure a try, my parents have been using it and are pleased with the results, and the Boyfriend will be trying it along with me (and starting to quit smoking – on that note if you wouldn’t mind mentioning him to whomever you pray to, it will be much appreciated… and needed)
– getting back to exercising again, some of this will depend on the approval of the aforementioned doctor and physio but my plan is to use some Jillian Michael’s dvds (which I have used before) and my Bowflex

The Goals:
– lose that 30lbs again and keep it off
– fit back into the jeans I bought last spring
– go to my cousin Samantha’s wedding in June looking (and feeling) fit and fabulous

Other Milestones for 2012:
– my 30th birthday is in February
– my first niece or nephew will be born in April
– I’ll be going back home for the first time since I moved down east

There’s one week left in 2011 and I’m going to spend it getting ready for 2012 and laying the groundwork for a great year, I mean, come on, you only turn 30 once 🙂


One thought on “New Leaves

  1. I was googling “hollyhock colors” and one of your patterns was in the image boxes and I loved it, followed it over and you knit! I love crocheting but still at a beginner level since I’m left handed and I’ve had to teach myself and my way of learning is to be shown how, not teaching myself, eep! Anyway, do you have any suggestions on what book to get in order to teach myself to knit since there are no programs or sweet old ladies around here that could teach me. Beautiful products you have! I’m so jealous 🙂

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