Meet Bruce

One of the items on my list of things to accomplish in the next few years was to buy a car. This week I’m on vacation (well, inasmuch as I’m not at work, I’m on vacation, inasmuch as I’m still in Moncton and not doing much, it isn’t much of a vacation…but I digress…), and so I took the plunge this week, got myself a credit line and bought myself some wheels.

So meet Bruce.

May I also point out what a glorious day it is today!

Bruce is an 06 Jeep Liberty Limited 4WD, in blue. We have a long standing tradition of wanting Jeeps in my family, so I’m rather excited to be the first one to get one. 4WD was the main feature I was looking for (country roads, high winds, and maritime winters are a great recipe for snowdrifts getting between you and anywhere you would want to go).

Apparently it is necessary to have a picture of me with the car…

FYI – If you are looking for anything in Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep line in Moncton go see Aaron at the dealership on Mountain Road, tell him Kate sent you, he was a pleasure to deal with.


7 thoughts on “Meet Bruce

    1. Thanks Val!

      And all my registration stuff came from the ministry today… apparently they don’t have a lot of volume here…

  1. Wow Kate! That’s great! Sorry I’m a little late. Hope that you’re enjoying the car and everything is going well!!


  2. Oh Kate, you didn’t tell me you had a blog!! Niiiiice.

    Looking forward to seing you again… may just be that last push I neede to convince me to join the Chapter’s group on a regular basis.


    1. Hey Manon – sorry I kind of disappeared… I do have a tendency to do that….

      I had so much fun meeting you and would love to see you again… but I don’t make it out to Chapters much any more 😦

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