Laying Plans

I like plans, I don’t always follow them, but I like making them – they make me feel organized, productive, and excited about all those things I’m going to do. I don’t like big event life plans – I find God tends to laugh at those and then tilt the universe so they become impracticable or otherwise requiring revision, but I do like to micro-manage the little things, like my crafting. And it being a new year I’m starting to lay out plans for this year’s craft related events and attempts.

The big plans in the knitting world are:

1. Finish the MDAN shawl – which some of you will recall I started … in March of ’08 *facedesk* my current plan is to work at least two rows every day and to have a deadline of Christmas for it. It will be done… (hopefully long before Christmas). I’m currently in the 4th repeat (of 20) of the centre panel.
2. Finish the second Stricken sock, which was also an ’08 project.
3. Start Christmas knitting before the Summer. (And I’ve already started lining up some projects for this some of which I have yarn for, some of which I’ve already got a cart going for.)
4. Finish the Black Purl roving, and start a shawl with it.
5. Participate in the Knitting Olympics.

And on the other crafting fronts, this year I’m going to make soap. I’m going to move beyond the collecting of books and links and making of lists, and actually order some fragrances and colours, pick up some tools, oils, and lye and make some soap. I look forward to making a complete mess of it and then hopefully being able to put some away for Christmas presents (and maybe even have some for the Craft Fair at work in December, though that might be getting a bit ambitious.) My plan is to make a first batch in early March, and then do more as the weather improves and I can make use of the deck and possibly work out how I could use the workshop (whose major draw backs are 1. lack of plumbing and 2. lack of a stove, though that I might be able to work around with a portable burner…).


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