2009 – Year in Review

So yet another year has come and gone (well almost) and it is time to look back on the year that was and look forward to the year to be. 2009 could certainly be called an eventful year for me. We started the year off with the announcement that we were moving to the East Coast, and then spent the first few months doing all the things necessary to sell a large family home and move a family of 9 half-way across the country (oh, and I wrote a &^$%^-load of thesis during that time too…). There was the Great-International-Bridesmaid War, followed up by a May wedding in Boston (all of which was surrounded by more writing). There was a full month of nothing but Iter. Then there was the *ahem* glitch with the thesis. Bon Jovi and two months of company in the summer and another trip to Boston where I learned to run sound and was introduced to the world of community theatre. Then another couple of months of dealing with the zombie-thesis and getting a kitten (unrelated events really). Then back to the Bank (and doing grown-up things like working and getting paid regularly, having benefits and a pension…). And of course more zombie issues. I joined the gym and have started working my way back into my skinny jeans. And that pretty much rounds out the year. So a few things, in the grand scheme.

Knitting and fibre-wise it has also been an eventful year, more so than I expected (or realized). Knitting gained me my first friends here in NB, when I found the ladies of the Monday Night Knitter’s Group meeting right in the hotel (well basically) where we lived for our first week here. I’ve not managed to finish the Black Purl I’ve been spinning since last Christmas but it is close, and somehow I’ve still managed to acquire more fiber… including some much coveted BMFA Sheep 2 Shoe kits. I started designing my own patterns and even went so far as to share a couple.

Here follows the rundown of this year’s knitting FOs.

(Given I managed to go most of the year without finishing a pair, this tally is quite impressive, and owed mostly to the month of Socktober)
Malabrigo Nanners (started: Jan 21)
Summer of ’09 Socks (started: July 18)
Strawberry Vanilla Socks (started: Sept. 24)
Socktober 09 – Noro Stripes (started: Oct. 1)
Socktober 09 – Road Trip Trekking (started: Oct. 6)
Socktober 09 – Caroline (started: Oct. 09)

Socktober 09 – Purple Rain (started: Oct. 11)

(What a year on the lace front…in the scope of projects rather than volume, though I still didn’t finish the MDAN…)
Oyster Bay I (started: Feb. 19)
Oyster Bay II (started: Mar. 1)
Wedding Blanket (started: Jan. 23) – the project that nearly killed me

Overwrought (started: July 1)
Wrought Iron (started: June 6)


Mom’s Neck Thing (started: June 24)
Handspun Shawl (started: June 25)
Patriot’s Hat (started: Aug 9)
Christmas 09 – Dad’s Maritime Headgear (started: Aug. 31)
Christmas 09 – Mom’s Mittens (started: Aug 29)

Christmas 09 –Mittens: the Revenge (started: Sept. 7)
Christmas 09 – Purple Slant (started: Sept. 13)
Christmas 09 – Baby Blue Bias (started: Sept. 14)
To Market, To Market 09 (started: Sept. 16)
Zig-Zag Bag (started: Sept. 19)
All Points Bag (started: Sept. 18)
Lean to the Left (started: Sept. 21)
Lean to the Right (started: Sept. 20)
Christmas 09 – Elena’s Mittens (started: Sept. 22)
Christmas 09 – Beret (started: Sept. 26)
Christmas 09 – Hat for Mike (started: Dec. 05)
Christmas 09 – Purple Market (started: Nov. 11)
Christmas 09 – Quick Red Hat (started: Dec. 6)
Christmas 09 – Quick Blue Hat (started: Dec. 9)
Christmas 09 – Secret Santa Hat (started: Dec. 17)
Green Handspun Scarf (started: Dec. 12)
Christmas 09 – Big Red (started: Dec. 18)
Christmas 09 – Hat for Bertie (Dec. 24)

Little Red (started: Aug 25)

Christmas 09 – NE BSJ (started: Aug. 28)
Christmas 09 – Soapy’s Sherwood (started: Sept. 2)
Sophie’s Twinkletoes 09 (started: Sept. 15)

So in the spirit of looking forward. Well the zombie is still there, so we’ll see what happens with that. Work is a whole new world of opportunities. With an ever widening circle of friends and acquaintances Moncton promises to more diverting and welcoming than it could be from my writing cell. My skinny jeans are still waiting (as are a goodly quantity of t-shirts….)

On the fiber-front my plan is to make 2010 the year of the FO, or maybe the year of the WIP. I’m going to finish things, yes the shawl and socks from last Christmas (not this just past but 2008…) are first on the list of things to do. These languishing projects will take precedence over new and shinny ones (not that there won’t be new and shinny….). I have some fiber acquisition goals (Dyak batts will be mine *insert evil laugh*), as well as some plans for the stash. I WILL finish the Black Purl and hopefully get it (at least started) turned into a lovely shawl from the Knitted Lace of Estonia book.

So to 2009 I can honestly say, if not the best and the worst of times – you’ve offered up some things pretty damn close, and it was one hell of a ride. To 2010, let’s see what you’ve got.

Cheers and a Happy and Blessed New Year to all.


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