Too Much To Explain, Let Me Sum Up

I’ve been a busy beaver on the knitting front (and have also not neglected the zombie… wonder of wonders).

I’ve got another four FOs to add to the list (or check off the list depending on how you look at it…)

Specs: Christmas Mittens 09 – The Revenge

Pattern: Herringbone Mittens with Poms
Designer: Elli Stubenrauch
Source: Ravelry download
Yarn: Briggs & Little Heritage (Bleached White and Mullberry)
Yardage: about half of each skein

Size: um… maybe between a women’s medium and large…. I have no idea…
Needles: 3.25mm dpn
Cast-On: Sept. 7.09
Bound-Off: Sept 12.09
Mods: um… well – I didn’t use pompoms, I made things a little longer and a little wider (with 2 additional border sts on each side), and I did the cuff last (I did the first mitten with a ribbed cuff, hated it and cut it off and knit the stockinette cuff down from there, used a provisional cast-on for the second mitten and did the cuff like the first one).
Notes: I like the herringbone part, I’m not crazy about thumbs placed right at the side of mittens. Carrying one yarn in one hand and one in the other really does mean no twisting, how awesome…

Specs: Sophie’s Twinkletoes
Pattern: Twinkletoes
Designer: Chloe Sparkle
Source: Knitty, Winter 2006

Size: Toddler
Yarn: Knit Picks Cotlin (Black)
Yardage: 27g
Needles: 3.25mm
Cast-On: Sept. 15.09
Bound-Off: Sept. 16.09
Notes: These are really cute, and super easy – now if only they’d fit…

And the other two were an experiment in things pattern-designer-y. Not only the knitting, but the writing up and the posting somewhere aspects have been explored. So I give you:
Pattern: But I’m Biased

Designer: … me
Source: here… (and it is also on the new Free Patterns page here)
Yarn: malabrigo, Worsted (100% merino) – Wide: Holly Hock, Narrow- Stone Blue
Yardage: one fully skein
Needles: 5.5mm

Cast-on: Wide– Sept. 13.09 / Narrow Sept. 14. 09
Bound-Off: Wide – Sept. 14.09 / Narrow – Sept. 15.09
Blocked: Both – Sept. 15-17.09

Notes: This pattern also looks really cool in this yarn unblocked. I’d like to try another where I do not wet block it (which is my standard practice for blocking) and try steaming or damp-towel to reduce the curling inherent in the stockinette, but without opening it up as much.  (The last picture, above, is unblocked.)

I’m hoping once the zombie is out of the way (think after Christmas… or in the winter some time) that I can start playing with some of the ideas I have for other designs, but this was a good way to experiment with the various aspects of pattern publishing with something super brainless.

I also received a Knit Picks order and have already cast-on one of several of the market bags for this Christmas, but that will have to wait for another post.


4 thoughts on “Too Much To Explain, Let Me Sum Up

    1. Thanks – I hope it works for you.

      I think I spent more time making up the template for the pattern than it took to knit the scarves… but I’m glad it was worth it.


  1. You’ve certainly been productive lately! Is it something about the fall air out there? I could use some of that.
    Great scarf pattern; it looks like a good gift option I’d better remember!

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