Under the Weather

or rather under the influence of the weather, I have begun the annual ritual of preparing for Christmas, more specifically preparing my knitting plans for Christmas. Naturally, this involves trips to yarn stores and online yarn orders.

Notice I said “trips” to the yarn-store… Earlier this week I made my first foray out for Christmas knitting supplies, a simple trip to Cricket Cove. Where I got yarn for mittens for mom, a hat for dad, mittens for E., a sweater for my god-daughter, and roving for thrums for mittens for various members of my family. I got it all home, and as one does, immediately took pictures for Rav. While doing so I realized something… something I should have noticed AT the store… namely, the yarn for the sweater was not all the same dye-lot. *facepalm* Two skeins of 801 and one of 803, and naturally there was a noticeable difference between the two, which I hadn’t noticed in the store. So… I got back in the car and went back to CC with the non-matching skein to exchange it (thinking along the way that it was stupid and presumptuous of me to only bring that one assuming they would have more of the 801…but apparently the Fates found my daring worthy of reward as there was, in fact, another skein of 801). In the end, I returned home victorious and reminded to ALWAYS check the dye-lot.

The two original skeins of 801.

I have grand plans for this years knitting which include:
* one toddler sweater (which occasioned such adventures as were related above)
* 4 pairs of thrummed mittens
* 1 helmet liner style hat
* 1 beret
* 4 market bags
* 1 BSJ 9mo-1yr sized
* and two yet to be determined projects, though I am debating the possibility of knitted Nativity figures, or moebius cowls…

Before Christmas, I have said god-daughter’s birthday, knitting for which has been the primary (knitting) task of this week. I currently have blocking one of these, which I will post FO specs of once it is finished blocking and I have found and attached a clasp. I’m planning a pair of Twinkle Toes to go with it, but the yarn for that is part of a forthcoming KnitPicks order.

Actually, the list doesn’t look so bad when I lay it out like that… and having the bulk of the birthday knitting done gives me hope for the rest. Now the question is, what to start on next? The sweater because it will require the most work? Mittens because they are fast and I could start piling up things that are finished? The helmet liner because there is only one? The BSJ because my intended striping pattern requires some thought?

Other bits of random:
*I have re-engaged the zombie-thesis in earnest, now that the invasion of company has subsided
*I was back at my spinning, just as the Christmas planning bug bit me, and now it looks like the spinning with languish again until after the Christmas knitting is done. (One day I will finish this particular spinning project and then I will start on a hand-spun hand-knitted lace shawl, really… I will… one day.)
*In honour of my new home province, I have embraced things Briggs & Little for this bout of knitting, the mittens (with the exception of a pair in Noro for Mom) are all going to be B&L, and the birthday and Christmas presents for god-daughter will be in B&L. It is sturdy, reliable, comes in lovely colours, is widely available here in NB, and is wonderfully priced.


2 thoughts on “Under the Weather

  1. I think you just convinced me why I should never, ever knit Christmas gifts. That sounds like a lot of work and a lot of pressure. Ahhhhh. (I’d much rather knit birthday gifts for people that would appreciate them, as well as random gifts.)

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