Football Season Means FOs

I’m back (again) from an eventful trip to the greater Boston area (does that work for you guys? Sufficiently not Boston, but still helpful to those who don’t have a clue where Marlborough or Hudson are?) While there (and traveling there and back again) I finished reading an amazing book, Shock Troops by Tim Cook, on the Canadians in the last two years of the the First World War. It is mammoth (serious, I’m surprised they didn’t make me declare it as a weapon…), well written, engaging, and very detailed – I recommend it for anyone interested in the Great War, and to all Canadians, since we really should know more about this period in our country’s history.

While there, I had an immersion experience in community theatrics, as I learned how to run sound for the Insert Life Here Studios presentation of the Scottish Play. I’ve never touched a sound board before, I’ve never used a microphone… good thing I learn fast. It was a ton of fun and the kids were awesome. I’m going to embed two videos which relate to the production. The first is Macbeth doing the alphabet for me at the cast party, as I half joking had him do a sound check this way once, and it was fun so we kept doing it (btw- Mackers, massively talented young man, you should hear him play guitar or piano and sing). The second, is the Porter scene from the last night of show. This scene was always fantastic and hilarious, but last night they were especially funny as it was gag night.

The Macker’s alphabet, which just makes my day. Watch out Sesame Street here comes Macbeth!

The Porter scene, the wonderful comic stylings of K. and S.

And in the midst of everything, Hell Week (wherein I learned that tech is mostly guessing, lots of things about sound, and that medical tape comes off easier on the days there is no air-conditioning), Baby J. refusing to be born until I’d left the country, a slug invasion, and the book, I still got some knitting done. I brought my second Kai-Mei sock to work on, and while it didn’t get finished there, it is finished now.

Specs: Summer of ’09 Socks
Pattern: Kai-Mei
Designer: Cookie A.
Source: Sock Innovation

Yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock
Colourway: S233 (blue, green, black, and … pink…)
Yardage: 85% of the ball…
Needles: 2.25mm Harmony dpn
Cast-on: July 18.09 (in the car on the way to PEI for the first time)
Bound-off: August 8.09

Mods: none
Notes: I love the lace panel and it is making me think about shawl/scarf design.

And, as the title suggests, there has been football knitting. Sunday was the Hall of Fame Game, so naturally I needed something to work on. I dug out the leftover yarn from Dad’s Patriot’s Sweater and cast-on a hat, and then – since I didn’t have another easily portable project I took the hat with me to the knitting group last night… and since it was almost done when I got home… I finished it last night… so that makes two FOs.

Specs: Patriots Hat
Pattern: Celtic Beanie
Designer: Nienke Paap
Source: Son of Stitch n’ Bitch

Yarn: Galway and Galway Heather
Colourways: dark blue (heather), red, white, and grey
Yardage: very little of any… maybe half a ball of the blue and grey, and not even a 1/4 of a ball of the red or white

Needles: 4mm circs
Cast-on: August 9.09
Bound-off: August 10.09

Mods: Instead of just two colours, I used all four of the colours from the Patriot’s sweater and did the ribbing in red and white, and the body of the hat in blue and grey. I also did three rows of plain after the ribbing and before the chart and three after before the shaping. It worked for what I wanted, a Patriot’s hat, but I probably would stick with two colours in the future, or possibly only a 1×1 rib if I was using other colours…
Notes: This worked up really fast and I enjoyed it, I think there’ll be more double knitting in my future, and possibly another one or two of this pattern.

Now I need a new football project… maybe I could resurrect one of the two shawls that are languishing in the UFO pile.


2 thoughts on “Football Season Means FOs

    1. It is a very cool pattern, knit them!!

      Sure! Come on by… we are on the highway between the horse crossing and the cow crossing…

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