FO and Travel Plans

I have actually finished another project, yeah!

Specs: Wrought Iron
Pattern: Ironwrought Scarf
Designer: Anna Dalvi
Source: Ravelry store

Yarn: Dye-version Silver (Merino, Silk, Nylon, and Sterling Silver), 100gr/421yds in the colourway Midnight
Yardage: about 95% of the skein
Needles: 4.5mm circs
Cast-On: July 6.09 at knit night
Bound Off: (in this case, grafted the ends together) July 17.09
Blocked: July 19-21.09 (the theatre is not the best place for quick drying of blocking projects…)

Notes: This is my second of this pattern (the first is here), and I foresee many others in my future. It is a great pattern, neither too complicated nor too boring, it makes a skein of fingering weight go a long way, and it is beautiful. I got 19 repeats of the central chart on this one, as with the first. This colourway ran quite a bit, but is still very very dark and vibrant.

I also cast on another project, a pair of Kai-Mei in Noro. I finished the leg of the first one on our trip to PEI on Saturday, and am now well into the leg of the second sock. These are coming with me as my travel knitting.

I need travel knitting because tomorrow I’m shipping off to Boston (and for the sake of the clarity Em. thinks I overlook – I will not be staying in Boston, only flying into Logan, whence I will make my way by subway, train, and car to the great metropolis of Marlborough, MA). My time will be divided between chilling with Em., J., and their lovely relations and the production of Macbeth being staged by friends (it is going to be at Marlborough Middle School July 30, 31, and Aug 1 – if you are around come see it!) I’m helping with tech, lights and sound from what I’ve been told. It promises to be a fun and education couple of weeks.

In other, less interesting news, I got my haircut – with layers and shaping and all those grown-up haircut things. The stylist not only blow-dried my hair, but even straightened it – a feat she fully understood why I do not undertake alone or often once she had completed it (it wasn’t my idea, she wanted to put the layers in after it was dry and straight.) I’m going to try to preserve the ironing as long as is reasonable, and then I’ll have the surprise of seeing what it looks like when it curls after getting wet…


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