Settled In

Since I’m rather distracted and not a little bored and since someone asked, I figured I’d do a little post-move update. Particularly since today I just cleaned my room, therefore it is photograph-able… I thought it might be a good idea to clean it and the library up (and move my computer into my room) since starting this weekend we have company staying with us… among other places in the library. (I will actually be bailing out and heading back to Boston for our busiest week of company – I can’t wait!)

The snow has melted (and as of … today… it is warm and sunny outside) and we have unpacked almost everything, and found almost everything (though if someone knows where the last box of comics is, I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know…). So, this is mostly a photo entry (my apologies in advance the right sides are getting cut off…)

Here’s the front of the house, notice the Muskoka chairs, A. painted them this week.

Things are blooming (and have been despite the rain and cold), and everything is very lush and green (it ought to be… all that rain….). The kids are enjoying the outside, well when not running away from the bugs… I have taken to wearing flip-flops since you never know when you’ll need to squash something.

The tree house and some of the gardens.

The view from the top of the driveway of the back yard.

The yard would be perfect for all those parties we used to have… but it is a little far for people to come… I’m trying to convince people they should come here for Labour Day… road-trip, meet George, hang out here, great view, lots of space, movie theatre… but so far, not a lot of luck.

The view from the deck.

Inside. We’ve clearly moved in and things are feeling (and looking…) lived in.

Dining room.

Living room – you’ll notice we own a lot of books.

The stairs are still a death trap.

The basement is not used a lot by the adults, though we are expecting more furniture to arrive soon and it will see more use once the invasions commence.

Movie theatre, the only part of the basement that I visit regularly.

And, as promised, the rooms I live in most of the time.
My room now is furnished and cluttered, proof that I do live here.

The closet, which does close, but which I won’t promise things won’t fall out of when you open it – mostly just the foam blocking squares…

The sink… which is still odd to me, but which I’m trying to make feel loved by surrounding it will appropriate dresser and vanity clutter. And my computer ‘desk’ set up.

Part of my library… books on the wide shelf, dvds on the narrow one

E. box sets of DVDs… two deep…

Books, also two deep… the very top is all academic journals, the other upper shelves are fiction of various descriptions, the bottom ones are non-fiction, oversized, and knitting/spinning

The library, the swinging shelf doesn’t really swing any more, it is too heavy…

Heavy, but full of purpose.

My academic books are all in the library.

The language shelf – all text (editions and translations), language resources, and dictionaries.

The reference shelf – all academic/reference books, mostly medieval and classical studies related.

So that is the tour… looks different from last time, eh?


6 thoughts on “Settled In

  1. This makes me happy! Thank you so much for showing me all around your house – I esp. love the photos of books (book porn! :D) – and can I say I *love* your taste in DVD’s! Fabulous! The grounds look quite lovely – and do I spy someone hiding under the knitting in the theatre?

    1. *hugs*

      I thought you’d like those ones.

      Nope, just a blanket on a chair… or whatever one calls movie theatre seats…


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