Seems to be the appropriate title for me over the last few months, but instead I’ll apply it to this FO, which is pretty fan-fricking-tastic in my humble opinion, I think I’ll have to knit a few more of these.  As a side note this was my Canada Day project, Canadian pattern source (okay, Swedish living in Canada) with Canadian indie-dyed yarn.

Specs: Overwrought

Pattern: Ironwrought Scarf
Designer: Anna Dalvi
Source: Ravelry download

Yarn: Dye-Version Sock Yarn, 100g 421yds, superwash merino and nylon, colourway Gail-2
Yardage: Almost one entire skein
Needles: 4.5mm circs (bamboo fixed)

Cast-on: July 1. 09
Bound-off: July 3.09

Notes: I did 19 repeats of the central motif, and the scarf measures 100″ long unstretched, and 9″ across similarly relaxed. I love this pattern, it provides lots of interest and some challenges in the grafting at the end, and yet the central motif is easily memorized for quick completion. It blocked out beautifully, it is long and dramatic and lovely and I want to keep it (but I can’t and neither can my mother who also wants it), so I’ll just have to knit more of them. I also really like the yarn, the colour is rich and beautiful (and didn’t run), and the yarn is lovely and solid and soft.

As I type, the mail has come and I got some books I ordered. And while I am particularly excited about owning a copy of Landnamabok (even if only a translation) and the Shakespeare cit will be useful, of greater general interest are probably the copies of Sock Innovation by Cookie A and Spin Control by Amy King. I’ll try to actual write reviews of these once I’ve drooled all over read them thoroughly.


3 thoughts on “Overwrought

  1. Beautiful scarf and done so quickly, too! That’s my favourite kind of project.
    I’ve been thinking of buying Spin Control, too. I’ll look forward to hearing your opinion.

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