Still Lives

But it has been an… interesting couple of months.

There was the wedding (during which I made a new best friend – and didn’t get to sleep for two weeks before 2:30AM).

While down Boston way (for the wedding), I finished my thesis, and according to my instructions from my supervisor, I sent it in. After a few weeks, I got a note from one of my committee members saying they would not sign off [much to everyone’s shock]- so I went through a period of discerning whether I even wanted to finish the … thing, or just move on with my life. After much angst and ranting and thinking and praying and a decent talk with my supervisor I am going to finish, but not this summer nor likely this fall even. So now I am in the process of figuring out whether I have to register for the fall or can take the semester off and deal with re-registering when I actually finish (again). Grrrr!

I’m taking some time off from academic stuff (or at least I’m trying too, but today I was drafting stuff for the thesis and an article on Romeo and Juliet from the perspective of a Nordic studies person… don’t ask – that new best friend is a theatre person… and well, the things we talk about tend to evolve into academic papers on my part and new plays on hers, well see whether this one ever comes to term).

Knitting-wise I got seriously burnt out by the secret project of increasing vastness (more below) and after it was finished, I took almost 2 full months off from knitting anything (worked a little on my Viper Pilots socks on my travels but that was it). In the last week I’ve got back into knitting a bit (again more below).

Specs: Super-secret-project AKA: the Wedding Blanket

Pattern: Balmoral
Designer: Marianne Kinzel
Source: Second Book of Lace Knitting

Yarn: Knit Picks Bare Peruvian Wool (worsted)
Yardage: almost 19 skeins
Needles: 4mm circs

Mods: I knit the pattern as written until the end of chart F, then used chart M from Rose of England (in the same book), followed by the Cream Edging from p80 of Gathering of Lace.
Cast-on: January 23 2009
Bound-off/Blocked: May 13 2009
For: J&J’s wedding May 23 2009 (but needed to be done for my departure for Boston on the 16th)

Notes: It would have been way easier if I had the cable connectors before it was finished. I probably should have gone up a needle size or two, the fabric is super dense, which makes it warm, but really, a bit much. This is one of those projects that can only be considered a testament to the affection born for the recipient as it was crazy – really crazy. I’m not sure I’ll do another like it, ever, (just wait in a couple years I’ll come up with a reason why one would be a cool idea and then I’ll find this post… after I’ve finished it…). But it is pretty darn cool.

I’m currently working on a triangular shawl (this pattern) out of some of my hand-spun. I have no pictures … sorry, but the transitions from light blue through turquoise to darker blue is turning out quite lovely. I’m not sure how big it will end up being, probably somewhere between scarf and shawl sized.

I also finished knitting and blocking the neck warmer from the most recent issue of Spin-off (and also don’t have pictures of it either), but I still need to find buttons so it isn’t actually done.

In utterly unrelated news, my mother, my sister A. and I saw Bon Jovi in concert on the weekend (here in Moncton).

We weren’t allowed to bring cameras -not that it stopped some people- so this is the only picture of the day, once my sister got done with it…

The show was awesome (though whoever did the logistics for the concert site and city needs to be replaced or exposed to a large-scale event and smoking should not be allowed. period.) We were about 50 feet back from the stage and had a great view of the stage and the screens (well at least we did when 6ft moron in front of me wasn’t leaning in my way – I screamed loudly – as Italians trained to yell in hockey rinks are very able to do- in his ear during appropriate moments). There were 4 opening acts, all Canadian. The first two were from Quebec, the first of which was almost entirely in French and were not really that impressive to me (partially because they were all in French… and also because their lyrics were really repetitive), the second was better, but not amazing (their drummer was spastic and kept loosing drum sticks). The third act was State of Shock, which I very much enjoyed (esp. the drummer… A. and I determined that he looked like Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine if he had been raised by Mr. T – not that I’m objecting, not in the least). I’ve been listening to them on YouTube for the better part of today, need to get to HMV soon! Bachman and Cummings were the final opening act – I was excited to hear them do American Woman, but otherwise wasn’t thrilled by them (and someone should have given Cummings a white towel… he had black towel fuzz all over his face for most of the set…). Bon Jovi was AMAZING! Between the show and the encore they covered my favourites (old and new) so I left a happy girl.

This is my current favourite State of Shock.


7 thoughts on “Still Lives

  1. I am reading your thesis news with horror and indignation—I’m so sorry to hear about the setback. What is that committee member’s problem?!! And what does your (and my) thesis supervisor have to say about it? That is the kind of thing I have nightmares about.

    Your blanket is stunning! No wonder you needed a break from knitting after that. The recipients must love it.

    1. Yeah. It is super frustrating – one of them came up with something (that admittedly could be improved – but so can everything it is a thesis, it is supposed to be defensible and finished), apparently (according to A) more in reaction to something in another defense than anything else and I’ve been advised to ‘appease’ this member. A. is ready to sign off, but can’t make this other person do so, so I’ve got to go back and add a disclaimer in one place and expand [I don’t know how much yet] in another place and that should do it (after which I have to re-cross reference everything ….). My recommendation would be before submitting get them all to verify multiple times that they are happy.

      How is your thesis going? When you expect to be ready to submit?

      Thanks, it did turn out well and they appear to like it.

  2. It sounds like that person is being overly picky and annoying, especially when you really want to get the whole thing over with. Good luck with your modifications. Don’t give up—you’re almost there!
    I’m still writing, hoping to get it mostly done this summer and submitted by the end of September. I’m going to have to pick up the pace to do that, though, and so far the summer holiday vibes floating around in our house aren’t really cooperating. I’ve got to buckle down!

    1. That’s how it feels. Thanks.

      I have a feeling I’ll be looking to get my resubmission around that time too, we’ve got a steady flow of family and friends coming between now and the end of the summer.

      Good luck with your writing too.

  3. Oh no, I’m so sorry about your thesis. That is so late in the game to get that kind of notice. I’d say taking time away is good whether or not you’d completed things because the act of just drafting and defending is enough to take a chunk out of you. But the fact you have someone to talk out your work with is wonderful, and hopefully that will help you focus on what you enjoy about it. I’ve been there with the knitting hiatuses too. Hope it clears up soon and you find your direction with it.

  4. Dear Kate, I feel awful about your thesis. Just look at it as a temporary set back and don’t give up the ship. “Everything happens for a reason” they say.

    Your project is just georgeous!!! I’m glad I got to see it. The “Chapter’s group” has been worrying about you. Every meet we’d ask if someone had heard about you. When you feel up to it, I hope you’ll come again.

    Love, Andrea

    1. Thanks Andrea,

      I’ve been so out of it since I got back with fellowship work and this thesis issue that I can’t seem to get anywhere. I really hope to get out soon.

      And thanks, it is frustrating, but there must be a reason – just wish I knew what it was.

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