Dyeing To Show You

Obviously, I’m running of of titles…

Knitting of late has been confined almost exclusively to the super-secret project of increasing vastness – so not a lot to say.

I’ve also done some work on Cumulative Effects, particularly as I scored some leftovers at the yarn dyeing party on Saturday. (Thanks L. and S.)

Saturday the Moncton Knitters (formerly those who met on Monday, but increasingly those who meet on Monday and/or Wednesday) got together to dye some yarn and eat some amazing food (I may have eaten way too many cookies and chicken pin-wheels, but that is up for interpretation). L. and I were the only ones with experience in this area, she does amazing things with food dyes (food colouring and cake colours). We ended up with multiple different methods (kettle dyeing, over-dyeing, dip-dyeing, hand painting) and different dyes (acid dyes, indigo, food colour, and cake dyes) and many yarns (roving for thrumbs, sock blanks, sock yarn, worsted weight) and got some beautiful results. Much fun was had by all. Naturally I didn’t have a camera with me so my only pictures are of the yarn I brought home.

Remember the kind of yucky yellow-brown-green dye job? Well I finally fixed it, amazing what an over-dye of purple can do.

The new and improved Boston and St. John’s colourway

I also dyed up the 4 skeins of natural Louet Gems. Two matched skeins in each colourway. They turned out gorgeous (what an amazing base yarn), I can’t wait to see how they’ll knit up. I tried to go with colours that were a little outside my usual. Which worked with the Pink, but I’m not so sure with the Purple…

Purple Rain

Pink Rock


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