FO and Much Ado About Nothing

So first off, I finished the Malabrigo Nanners I was working on. So yeah me, one whole pair of socks this year….

Specs: Malabrigo Nanners
Pattern: Nanners
Designer: Wendy D. Johnson
Source: Wendy (the pattern is now available from her blog)
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock
Colourway: Stonechat
Yardage: probably 85-95% of the ball

Needles: 2mm Harmony dpns
Size: Large (at least a 9, maybe a 10)
Cast-on: Jan. 21.09
Bound-off: Apr. 19.09
Modifications: I used a turned toe instead of whatever the pattern one was.
Notes: The pattern was great, and there is something cool about doing a heel flap toe-up (much cooler than top down). But alas, they don’t really fit, they are too big for my size 8.5 feet, so I’ll either give them to my sister when she is home in the summer or just wear them around the house, since they aren’t particularly comfortable in socks. I have size issues apparently knitting toe-up, which I’m not really sure I care to remedy. We’ll see. [Also, I had better pictures but my sister deleted them…]

In other news

*The project I can’t talk about, is huge, like… well huge things. And getting huger… though I’m also nearing the end, which is a very very good thing.

* KnitPicks interchangeables are also carried by the English site, under the name KnitPro. They have few things that KnitPicks doesn’t carry, including crochet hooks (which are interesting but not useful really to me), and connectors for the cables. The connectors are very interesting particularly in light of the increasing hugeness of the above mentioned unmentionable project, which might explain why I ordered 5 sets. I got the shipping notice today, hopefully they arrive soon.

*And, we went to the beach on Sunday. It was very windy and chilly, but it was fun.

*And then we went and took pictures with the giant lobster (seriously, the world’s biggest). I think 1. he needs a name, for some reason George comes to mind… and 2. we are going to have to take everyone who comes to visit to meet him and take their picture with him, he is just that cool.

*I had my dress fitted last week, it’ll be ready on the 8th. The ladies there were awesome, and all agree with me about the dress (it is awesome) and attendant drama (they are sooo wrong).

*My thesis continues. I’m adding a couple of paragraphs to chapter 4 (in a hopefully-not-vain-attempt to make it less lame), and then it is basically wait for (and strongly request) feedback from two committee members, proof read, and cross-reference. (oh, and I need to add a few more things to the bibliography…) But, it is sort of, almost, done… I think…


2 thoughts on “FO and Much Ado About Nothing

  1. I would also have done the giant lobster shot, that’s awesome. You can do it! Just keep plugging away – once you get to the conclusion you’ll wonder why the rest of it took you so long. Do you have an anticipated date yet?

    1. 😀 The giant lobster is made of awesome (and steel and concrete…)

      All the chapters are written, I’m doing an endless series of edits,
      additional footnotes, and expansions… I’m hoping to submit in a week, two
      at the latest (I’m leaving on the 16th for a wedding in Boston – I’ll be
      gone for 2 weeks, it has to be in before then), I probably won’t defend
      until July at this rate… (just when it gets really nice here, I’ll get to
      leave for muggy downtown TO…)


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