Shoes and Stash

Yesterday I had to go shopping, you know for the necessities that arise with the purchase of any new dress.

Gold (and white) shoes for the wedding, which are both cute and comfortable

And since I was in town I decided to check out the yarn store, I mean I have already been living here for what… a month, and I had not yet visited the yarn store. And, I don’t know about you, but I rarely go into a yarn store and come out with nothing.

First, a review of the shop.

Name: Cricket Cove
Type: LYS chain, in the Maritimes, in fact in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.
Location: Moncton
Comments: The store is a good size, not spacious (ie. not Romni, but really what is), but not tiny either. It has a solid selection of yarns – including: Noro, Briggs & Little, Cascade, Debbie Bliss, Lopi, Manos, and even a store brand (with among other things 100% cashmere) – but a pretty weak selection of books/patterns/magazines. They have a plentiful number of kits (for all manner of things from alpaca thrummed mitts, to hemp bags, sweaters, shawls etc – and I did not buy the one with all the little balls of sock yarn for knitting a scarf but which would work in my blanket), as well as a goodly number of finished items available. Briggs & Little is prominent not only in yarn available, but also (poss. especially) in the pattern selection. Prices are about average and the woman who was there was friendly and helpful.
Pros: decent selection, carries yarns from the workhorse to the extremely luxurious (yes that is Qiviut behind the counter), pleasant environment and staff, free parking, and nearby. Oh, and their ‘shopping bags’ are pretty polka-dot cellophane bags that could be re-purposed as gift bags.
Cons: Indie dyers not in evidence (which on the one hand I shall miss, but on the other may just save me from myself….) and no malabrigo sock 😦 [that one could be a problem]. There is not much by way of lace yarn and there is basically no spinning fiber [there is a little bit of felting fiber, and Briggs & Little’s Country Roving, neither of which is specifically for spinning].

In sum: I’ll certainly be back, though I might have to stock up on malabrigo sock back in TO (or order it…).

Now the haul –

* 2 skeins of Ranco Semi-solid, by Araucania in a lovely purple. Either these were on sale or they normally sell this line really cheap (as in less than $14 – I think it was on sale), I bought to in case I want to knit a shawl will it, otherwise, I’ll get two pairs of purple socks out of it.

* 1 skein of Briggs & Little Regal [100% wool, worsted, 272yds], in grey – this is for knitting a pair of thrummed mittens.

* 1 ‘skein’ (really more of a disk… or cake…) of Briggs & Little Country Roving in dark green (the colour in the picture is really washed out) – this will be the thrums for the mittens, and any left over will be part of a spinning experiment (as in – how well does the stuff spin up and what is the resultant yarn like).

* and the B&L pattern for thrummed mitts, not even sure why really other than it will save me printing an online pattern for the same…

Knitting-wise –

* The secret project continues to grow out of all proportion.

*I’ve been working on the Cumuluative Effects blanket, which is now a full 3 rows and 4 in parts (NTS – knit more socks… I don’t like to have too many squares the same near each other, sooo…. I’ve got plenty of yarn, but not that I can use…).

Oh, the ends to be sewn in…

* I finally cast on the second Nanner Sock, and am now about to begin the gusset increases (at this rate I just might have a pair of socks finished before the year is half over…)


3 thoughts on “Shoes and Stash

  1. Okay.
    1. The shoes are adorable. I covet them.
    2. The LYS sounds good! Bummer about the Malabrigo though – that stuff is like crack. Doesn’t WEBS have it? They’re having a big ol’ saaaaaale!
    3. Very nice Cumulative Effects Blanket! I may have to consider something like that for my own sock yarn ends, now that I have more extra leader yarn for the wheel than I’ll ever need.
    4. Your new place is beautiful in all the photos!

  2. Hi Kate—just to let you know we will be getting the full line of Malibrigo in the near future. I just visited the warehouse in To. and the colours are gorgeous.
    Thanks for visiting our shop in Moncton.You should try to get to the Blacks Harbour store too–twice the inventory
    Do you know we have Lucy Neatby booked for next Feb.(finishing techniques)in Moncton and Blacks Harbour. Register early if you are interested—only 20 spaces.
    We also have Jane Thornley doing a workshop in BH May 2-visit her site. Her travel trips are great..
    Happy Knitting,Donna

  3. Hi there,
    Just happened here on the tour de blog and saw you’re in pursuit of fibre/hand-dyeds in the Moncton vicinity. I heartily recommend London-Wul on the outskirts of Dieppe… dreamy stuff and a total oasis.

    Happy exploring!

    PS: Inspired by the cumulative blanket. Must start one.

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