Oyster Bay II

I have FO! Actually I finished it last week, but I’m only now getting the pictures up.

Specs: Oyster Bay II

Pattern: Oyster Bay Shawl
Designer: Lori Law
Source: Oceanwind Knits, via Ravelry
Yarn: Dye-Version, Silver (Merino, Nylon, Silk, and Sterling Silver)
Yardage: just over 2 skeins (I probably could have gotten away with 2 if I didn’t add the extra repeat of chart 2)
Colourway: Tickled Pink

For: Dad’s boss K.
Needles: 4.5 mm circs

Cast-On: Mar. 1.09
Bound-Off: Mar. 30.09
Size: about 100″ wide, by 40″ long

Modifications: One additional repeat of chart 2
Notes: I love this pattern, just complicated enough to keep my interest, yet easy enough to move quickly. I think I’ll be making another one. The Tickled Pink didn’t run as much in the sink as the Lagoon did.

One last gratuitous picture of the shawl

Other than the shawl my knitting has been mostly confined to the super-secret project of increasing vastness. For which I have ordered more yarn and worked out a different edging than that which is prescribed. This will eliminate 2 full charts from the original pattern, but require 2 (smaller) additional ones, I don’t know if or how much yardage I really save this way.

I’m also getting a little bit done on my scrap blanket (so far to the tune of one additional square, but hopefully a bit more today).

In other news- House:
* I’m getting used to my bathroom, it is still small but functional.
* I have a desk… well a cart and a “utility table”
* I have catalogued the contents of all the boxes labeled Kate’s Books, Kate’s Comics or Kate’s DVDs, the final counts are:
book entries: 873 (I was really hoping to make it to 1000 – though I still have some journal yet to input so it might make it);
comic entries: 428
movie entries: 201. I’m actually still missing a significant number of movies (mostly tv box sets – grr) and some comics.

This is the pile of most of the boxes with my books in them – several more were removed for other things and two big ones never made it into my room
* The stairs are still a death trap.
* Most of the snow is gone now.

This was the snow fall from the morning of March 30th

In other news – Wedding:
*My dress came!!! *does dance of relieved joy*
*It Fits!!! *does dance of joy and relief (not to be confused with relieved joy)*

In random other news:
* We have traded in Herc and now have a bright red Durango, which I’m still working on a name for


One thought on “Oyster Bay II

  1. You know, I’ve been wondering about adding length to mine. Think I should? I’m already on the first spray chart though – suppose I could add a repeat of that one without too much trouble?

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