Dress Post

This post is devoted to The Dress, which is actually this one.

It has arrived – intact, in time and the right size! It is a fabulous hunter green (the darker pictures below show the colour more accurately). V-neck, with shirred bodice, fully lined; flutter sleeves; empire waist, with wide waist band/sash; full length skirt; the back has a shallow V; the whole thing is in chiffon and charmeuse.

It fits (even in the chest-mostly), and I have a little bit of room either way (though I’d prefer to loose rather than gain before the date).

The dress is well made and beautiful, GO J!! Awesome choice.

Here are the pictures, ignore the fat model and concentrate your attention on the awesomeness that is the dress and the fabulous scenery.

… looks like I’ll need to find something with a little more lift to go with it…

Sorry about the expression on my face… I was really windy and my hair was giving me grief

This is a slightly better angle, apparently my good-side is my left, with my hair in my face…

J. see what I mean about the waist tapering towards the bow?

PS. I won’t be wearing the shoes seen in the pictures (well, almost visible in the first one) as the heel is loose, but the height is about right.  Shoe store here I come!
PPS. A. wishes to point out that the shadows were all wrong on the deck.
PPPS. Holy Cow, I look just like my aunts… don’t tell them I said that… 😉


2 thoughts on “Dress Post

  1. What fat model? You look great! And I love that shade of green on you.

    I notice there is MELTING snow in this fabulous scenery, too. Hurray! Spring is coming!

  2. The dress is lovely on you!

    It is so NICE to see your mum’s wicker set outside again. Please God, I will get to sit on that set and have some coffee, quickly followed by red wine.

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