Moving: Fully Loaded

and almost fully unloaded.

Hotels are not good for my blogging – the rooms make me want to lay around and do nothing.

Quick general news:

* I just bound off the second Oyster Bay shawl, I’ll do a proper FO post once I can get it blocked and get some good pictures.

* My brides-maid dress for the wedding in May has shipped, please God it arrives in good time and fits me (oy vey this move has destroyed my diet and exercise plans).

* I’ve already met local knitters!!!

* We are the first people with our last name in the province, no others appeared in the system when we went to get our NB driver’s licenses.

*Monsters vs. Aliens is amusing.

On to the Main Attraction – The House

We got to see the house (finally) on Thursday… that would be yesterday… for the inspection in the AM. In the afternoon we got the keys and the house was officially ours, then we went back in did some laundry and watched a movie.

First Impression

Frankly, the first impression (which A and I shared) was that it looked smaller than the pictures suggested (the pictures my parents took were very isolated -ie. the swing set, or the garage, but nothing that showed how close these are to each other).

This is the kind of picture they did not take

It is the same with my room, but that has as much to do with lack of furniture as anything else (though the bathroom gives new meaning to water closet…). The view is pretty damn impressive and we are way out in the middle of no-where. In fact we are on the road to no-where heading west from Moncton after the cow-crossing sign to just before the horse-crossing sign.


* It has a theatre, not a ‘home theatre’, but a theatre… with theatre seats, black curtains, movie theatre carpeting, and a projector – and movie posters (including Terminator, Mr & Mrs Smith, the Goonies, and Gone with the Wind). It is really cool and fun, we watched Chicken Little last night – the sound and picture are great and it is super dark and movie theatre like.

* The kitchen storage is very plentiful and cool including: a pantry with four sections of shelving (on the back of the doors, and double sided unit inside which swings out to reveal the last one in against the wall); a cupboard specially built for spices; a spice rack that pulls out of the wall; a cook book stand that comes out of the upper cupboards; and a desk for menu planning with view of river…

Kitchen… and some of the (closed) cupboards… the pantry is on the other side of the wall of cupboards

View from the kitchen… or living room… almost the same thing… also almost the same as the view from my room

* The library has a really neat swing out book shelf which is much like the pantry. What it looks like is a book shelf in the back wall, if you pull it out there are shelves on the back of that and then more on the wall behind.

* The dinning room chandelier is really cool, with these frosted tulip shaped bulbs (it is also quite low, so I’m looking forward to the table going under it…)

* The workshop in the upper portion of the detached garage is very cool and well laid out (some finished flooring and water and it would be the ultimate fiber workshop).

* The kids are happy (generally) with their rooms.

Look!! Elena is happy!!

* There are no electrical outlets in the exercise room! (This makes my hope that it might be able to stay and exercise room more remotely possible)

* The washer and dryer are even more space age than the ones we already had (though, Nick, the doors need to be switched) 😉


* My ‘bathroom’ is really a closet with a toilet and shower stall in it (I have not idea of the real size of the stall since I have not attempted to use it), the sink is in the top of a dresser (!) inside the bedroom…. Liz, Julie, girls… you’ve seen my bathroom… I have a feeling I’ll be storing a fair amount of stuff in the upstairs bathroom.

This picture shows the sink, and actually captures all of the bathroom door – and also shows something of the number of outlets in the room… there are 7 light switches, 3 phone jacks, and 5 or 6 electrical outlets

the ‘upstairs’ bathroom, or me and some of the storage in said bathroom

* The closet has one of those wire organizer units in it… the thing is completely unsuited to my wardrobe or my other storage needs (seriously wire racks… um… books and DVD’s fall through…). Thankfully dad has assured me that my big book shelf fits in the room. It (the organizer thingy) will have to go or be seriously modified.

* Anna is concerned (as am I for that matter) about the lack of space for desks in our respective rooms. I suggested that the library might be a good place for ‘resident scholar’ set up – but was glared at… A. might be able to fit a make-shift desk of sorts in one side of her closet.

This is A’s room, note double door-ed closet, which has a really well thought out, wooden organizer inside… just sayin’

* The stairs are cool looking, but well… I think St. Joseph must have designed them originally for some cupola in Italy somewhere… they are narrow, very twisty, and un-railed on the inside of the turns – try taking those with anything in your hands.

Overall, I’m excited. It is going to be an adventure, a change, and a challenge.

And last but not least:


3 thoughts on “Moving: Fully Loaded

  1. Wow. Now that is a pretty amazing house you guys have moved into.

    Miss you to and good luck with all the settling in. Can’t wait to see pics of those shawls!

  2. You have a THEATER! Can I come over? 😀 I love watching movies in that kind of setting.

    You should see Austria. In Germany they had super tiny bathrooms, but in Austria they think bathrooms are allowed to go anywhere, but the toilet has to be in its own separate water closet. I’ve heard in some houses the bathroom with the shower and sink is in the kitchen. Um, wha?

    I would not be happy to see that snow though. So glad spring is coming to my current corner of the world.

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