Moving Day II – Return of the Packers

It is 8:32AM and the packers have already been here for almost half an hour. Yesterday, they were here from 8 to 3 and they packed an amazing amount of stuff (as in our whole basement… including cold room and storage areas… and the garage, and the main floor except the kitchen).

Today they are already well into on the kitchen and the bedrooms, and will be packing away our computer stuff (ergo cutting of my wireless network) soon.

Living in a model home was a pain, living in a fully packed home – even more so.

Thankfully, we’ve been able to farm out my younger siblings for most of the time (they’ll be leaving shortly for today’s excursion). And I spent much of yesterday helping run errands, first with my dad (taking stuff to the dump) and T. (who needed a new bike tire and inner tube). And then walking, in totally I think T. and I walked about 15k yesterday.

Today, looks like lots and lots of knitting. Advantage #8297975838073 and -4 of Knitting – low tech and portable.


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