Moving I – The Calm Before the Storm

Tomorrow the movers arrive to start packing. Today, we are going about preparing things for that arrival.

Today involves:
*putting things back out that went away for the ‘declutter’ but which we want the movers to pack
*packing our suitcases for the time we will be between houses, which includes prep-ing our carry-on
*emptying things – trash, freezer, fridge
*packing things we want to pack, rather than letting the movers do it
*trying to arrange the things the movers need to leave
*and otherwise organizing our lives for the next few weeks, including various contingency planning.

I have to admit to not contingency planning anywhere near what I normally would (I think I pack more for weekend than I have for the next couple of weeks), given we will be staying … next to the mall. Underware? Don’t worry about how many pair, I can always pick up some. Books? Um, well, two, if I need another there is a Chapters attached to the hotel. Clothes? Well, I won’t bother packing a ‘nice’ shirt, I can always get one.

One thing I’m not so blase about is the packed knitting. It has been arranged thusly:
*Nanners and Viper Pilots in my purse
*Oyster Bay is in my bag of varia which will probably eventually contain my computer
*Secret Project and Stricken in my suitcase

This, of course, does not mean that I won’t be yarn crawling as soon as I arrive…

More tomorrow – I have to go put two boxes of stuff back out in my room…


2 thoughts on “Moving I – The Calm Before the Storm

  1. Isn’t it crazy how knitting changes your packing priorities? When I moved summer before last, it was packing up my stash that stressed me the most, because I had to plan exactly what knitting supplies I was going to need. Sounds like you’ve got a nice variety!

    Good luck with the move, it will all get done in time.

  2. Oddly, darling, as the crow flies, when we move to Maine I’ll be about as far from you as I was from Boston in Toronto…if that makes sense. Additionally, I’ll be closer to you in Maine than you will be to Toronto. That makes me feel comforted.


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