Projects, Projects Everywhere

and, of course, the camera doesn’t work.

I have started the second Oyster Bay Shawl, in Tickled Pink – which is a really really lovely pink. (Hey Lizzie, did you hear that, I like this pink!) I’m almost half way through the repeats of the main chart, so there is hope for finishing it in the next few days.

Despite having 2 unfinished pairs of socks (mom’s Christmas socks and the Nanners) I cast on another pair yesterday. If you haven’t seen these socks, you should. And you should love them and knit them and tell your friends about them. They are the Viper Pilots by the wonderful and talented GlennaC. Go see them on Ravelry. Go see them on her blog. They Rock! I’m doing mine in malabrigo sock Persia, which looks pretty darn amazing.

The secret project continues to grow – to alarming and difficult to measure proportions… hmmmm.

I should get some serious sock knitting done over the next few weeks. We are moving. The movers come on Tuesday. After which point I can probably kiss real work goodbye. We leave Ontario next Saturday, but don’t move into our new place until sometime between the 27th and the 31st. I’m planning on using the time to do some swimming (in hotel pools), some chilling, maybe some Iter (look who -finally- has a fully remote project), and lots and lots of knitting. I’ll be only bringing the projects mentioned here: the secret one, the nanners, mom’s socks, the shawl, and the viper pilots (did I mention how awesome they are?). Then I should be forced to make some progress on them. Mom’s socks are at the heel, so that should be finish-able and the shawl is do-able. I’ll probably work on the Viper Pilots before I work on the Nanner’s, but I might get the second Nanner cast on as it is much more mindless than any of the others which have complicated charts.  Decisions, decisions!

The only down note on this whole thing (other than leaving behind the people I love, but that doesn’t count because 1. I’ll keep in touch and 2. now when we visit it will be for longer and 3. Maritime Yarn Crawl) is that the thesis is not submitted. Grrr. I’m at the ‘I don’t really care if I ever see it again or maybe even if I ever finish it at all’ stage, and taking it with me is rather depressing.

But, I’m going to have lots of paper to burn in the fire pit in our new gianormous backyard.


3 thoughts on “Projects, Projects Everywhere

  1. Yikes, moving! Where are you going? No more city? The swimming sounds like fun, but the whole “weeks of transitional life” thing sounds frustrating. I wouldn’t like that.

    However, your projects sounds super exciting. If I weren’t so “disciplined” I’d want to start up those Vipers right now too! Makes me want to watch the show it’s inspired by, as well. Well – when I’m back in the US!

  2. You’re too nice to me 😉
    That Oyster Bay shawl really is something, I have got a copy of the pattern all waiting to use with this stuff I got at Rhinebeck. But my brain still wants sweaters, too. Aieee! It’s too hard to decide! Maybe after exams, shawl time can commence.

  3. Good luck for the move! I sympathize with all the casting on, I look at my yarn baskets some times and want to try everything. Last time I moved I remember always knowing where my knitting bags were cause I dragged them together with all my essentials. Never out of sight! Anyway hope it goes well and for the thesis too.

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