Oyster Bay 1.0

We fly out of Ontario in 19 days…

In less scary and stress-making news: I finished the first of the Oyster Bay shawls I’m knitting for dad, and I’ve cast on the second.

I had to fold it in half to block it… which is why it is still blocking (I went and reblocked the neck so that it would be shaped correctly, the other one is going to have to be blocked out in full I think – I’m even thinking of reblocking this one…)

Specs: Oyster Bay I
Pattern: Oyster Bay Shawl
Designer: Lori Law

Yarn: Silver (Merino/Silk/Nylon/Sterling Silver) from Dye-Version
Colour: Lagoon (teal-blue, green, purple)
Yardage: just over 2 balls
Needles: 4.5mm metal fixed circs (Audi)

Cast-On: Feb. 19.09
Bound-Off: Mar. 01.09
Blocked: Mar. 01-02.09
Size: 46″ x 95″ (approximately)

Modifications: I added an additional repeat of chart 2
Notes: I really liked the pattern, it is easily memorized (which makes it quick to knit) and it came out a really good size (no problems using this as a shawl). NTS- need bigger blocking area.

The other one is cast on and everything else (knitting-wise) languishes.

The thesis is being proof read and looked over by the committee, I see A. on the 12th and hopefully the others around that time too. Let’s hope (strenuously and against all reason) that most of their corrections are ones that we catch before then and that the rest is easily taken care of in a couple of days – because that is really all I’ll have at that point… (this is why the intro is scary).

In other news:

I found the pictures my sister took of the cup-cakes I made a few weeks ago.


One thought on “Oyster Bay 1.0

  1. Cool sunflowers, man! How did you make them?

    (Also the shawl is awesome. Also, your move will be stressful but great in the end, and think of all the new YARN you’ll be close to!)

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