Worse Than Yarn Stores

I found something worse than yarn stores, a place were wool fumes are stronger, a place credit cards mention only in a fearful hush, while looking over their shoulders. This place is Dye-Version‘s showroom. I think being so close to the source of amazing hand-dyed and hand-painted yarns should come with a warning.  (I think the emotional relax after sending the beast out to the boys yesterday probably helped… or didn’t…)

The mastermind behind Dye-Version is local, and since I will soon not be, I thought it would be a fun idea to pay her a visit and stock up at the source, since local and small means I probably won’t find it in Moncton. I was right about fun, Aunt C. and I went last night (in all the yucky weather) out to Mississauga and spent the better part of an hour and a half chatting with Jane (who is amazing) and buying lots of yarn (really, lots). Aunt C. was more restrained in her purchases – but then she’s already planning to go back 😉

In my defense a good portion of my purchases are to knit something for my dad – and so I am not paying for them and they don’t count as stash, I’m not sure why but they don’t (we won’t talk about my falling down in the Bamboo Sport… well, actually, we will but not here). **Edit: the knitted things aren’t for my dad, he wants to give them as gifts… just clarifying**

Before going on, I just have to report that: I have nothing to report… I did finish one of my Nanner‘s, but I haven’t photographed it so I’ll talk about it later… like maybe once it has a mate… or even the beginnings of a mate… FYI – having most (nearly all… okay for all intents and purposes all) of your stash packed makes finding waste yarn to do a provisional cast on difficult. Other than that all I’ve done (other than shop… coming I promise) is work on the secret project… which I can’t talk about because that is the first rule of secret projects.

So, shopping:

First the stuff I got for Dad (which I may have overbought, so… I may end up with one of each colour for my own nefarious purposes at the end of the projects).
*Silver (63% Merino, 20% Silk, 15% Nylon, and -get this- 2% Sterling Silver – I know WTF?! It makes it shinny…oooohhhh shinny), 3 skeins (421yds/skein) in Tickled Pink.

*Silver (63% Merino, 20% Silk, 15% Nylon, and 2% Sterling Silver), 3 skeins (421yds/skein) in Lagoon (this colourway is stunning, really amazing).

Then the stuff for me, or well, for my stash (must. feed. stash.) since not all of it will be used for me, most of it is already purposed for gifts.
*Sock Yarn (80% Merino, 20% Nylon), 1 skein (421yds/skein) in Gail-2, it is a burgundy and it was in the sale bin!

*Soy Soft (100% Soybean), 1 skein (386yds) in Midnight.

*Silver (63% Merino, 20% Silk, 15% Nylon, and 2% Sterling Silver), 1 skein (421yds/skein) in Midnight (this one was still hanging up in the dye studio and was brought up special for me, I love it, I think I shall hug it and call it George). The colour is much much darker than the Soy Soft Midnight.

*Bamboo Fingering (100% bamboo), 2 skeins (386yds/skein) in Wisteria – which is a lovely lovely lilac colour. This stuff is amazingly soft and silky, and I’m planning on using this for a present for one of my sisters.

*Bamboo Sport (100% bamboo), 1 skein (228yds/skein) of a purple with no colourway listed (though I think it might be Violetta).

*Bamboo Sport (100% bamboo), 1 skein (228yds/skein) in Sky, a lovely ice-y light blue. Either this one or the purple are slated to become a present for mom.

*Bamboo Sport (100% bamboo), 2 skeins (228yds/skein) in Hunter, the most amazing green.  These ones I want to use with the Smoke for making BSJs… not sure for whom, but somehow that idea is fixed in my head.

*Bamboo Sport (100% bamboo), 1 skein (228yds/skein), in Smoke, I’m actually not sure about the yardage on this one the tag says 185m, while all the rest were 209m…

The yarn for dad is going to be turned into two of this pattern. (Apparently I was feeling very patriotic as both the pattern and the yarns are from Canadian sources, as the designer is from BC and now lives in Ontario).


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