Birthday S(tash) E(enhancing) (e)X(perience)

So yes, one year older…which means… what else, more yarn!

Saturday I went on one last Toronto Yarn Crawl with M and G, and we introduced my god-mother to the wonders of the modern yarn store. We started with Indian Buffet on Queen and then headed out to Romni (because, it has to be seen to be believed). From there we headed to the other end of Queen St (after a detour up to the University to get my car because there was something wrong with the East bound streetcar…) to visit the Naked Sheep, which I had not visited before, but which I liked very much. Then we finished up at the Purple Purl, where I harassed Miko for being out of my favourite s’more squares. (Guess I’ll just have to visit the Purl for one when I come back to defend in May.)

Sunday, my actual birthday, was SuperBowl Sunday, so there was much watching of football and consuming of appropriate food-stuffs. L. and her crew came over and we made a wee party of it (complete with amazing cheesecake made by L).

Naturally the most important part of a birthday is the yarn, so:

*In our travels (at the Naked Sheep) we found Knitted Lace of Estonia (which for some strange reason doesn’t seem to be ever going to get in…) and Aunt C. bought it for me – so technically belated Christmas acquisition. I can’t wait to finish up some projects and get to cast on something from here… of course with my very own handspun.

*Also at the Naked Sheep I bought enough Cascade 220 in a charcoal-grey to knit Vivian. Which I will be making one of my post-Thesis projects.

*Then the clever folks at Naked Sheep put the Tanis Fiber Arts sock yarn right next to the cash… so I bought one of those too, in the Stormy colourway, which is my favourite combination of blues and greys.

*At the Purl, succumbed to the wall of Malabrigo (yes, there is a wall of it…) and bought as skein of sock yarn in the Indiecita colourway, which is not, in fact, the same as the Tanis Fiber Arts … though it is really close… but this one has purple…

*Also at the Purl, I wanted to try out the Fibranatura Yummy (sock yarn, surprise, surprise), so Aunt C. gave me a skein for my birthday (NTS- shop with Aunts more often). It is all greys.

*And then on Sunday, L. gave me 6 cool mini-balls of sock yarn she found at her LYS, which are destined for my sock yarn blanket. And also a really cool book on cupcakes.

Now back to the thesis… or at least back to cleaning off my desk – seriously, selling this house fast would be a God-send!


4 thoughts on “Birthday S(tash) E(enhancing) (e)X(perience)

  1. Happy belated birthday! Looks like you got some really nice yarn and fun plans for it. Something to dream about while doing the menial day-to-day tasks, right? 😉

  2. Oh, dude, can I just say how awful I am that not once did I offer to buy you anything as a birthday present? HOW DID I NOT DO THAT? Yarrrrgggghhhh. I will try to make up for it on a later occasion.

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