Riddle Me This

My KnitPicks order arrived today. With yarn for a project I can’t talk about (but will post all about once it is done). And also 2 skeins of fingering weight gloss (one a purple, the other ecru), which I hope to make into Endpaper Mitts. And then the big deal – my very own copy of A Fine Fleece.

So naturally, I chucked aside what I was supposed to be doing and started reading through my new book (well not entirely, I did edit footnotes and start inserting some missing translations, seriously what was I thinking when I wrote the Juliana section?!) Never mind the thesis. As I read through I came across two headings which made me stop, they are: Intermediate and Experienced. I looked at the definitions and the headings and wondered, what am I.

I can shape, read charts, kitchener st, perform various cast-ons and bind-offs, I’ve done colour, cables, and lace… but what moves you into the Experienced camp from the Intermediate? Can I claim Experienced status? And what does that really mean?

Okay, so this is not a great cosmic question with deep philosophical or spiritual significance but I have a thing about definition (curse you Aristotle!!) and I am distressed by the lack of adequate differentiation. If Experienced meant all that Intermediate plus – ability to modify a pattern, for example, that would be something I could get behind. Or maybe if it meant experience with designing… or having completed something by Alice Starmore or a shawl from A Gathering of Lace then, again, I’d have some better idea… but just more of the same than Intermediate doesn’t help me.

Anyway, I have to run off to my Dad’s 30yrs with the Bank party, so I’ll have to worry about it later.

Or maybe I’ll just say I’m an Advanced Intermediate…


2 thoughts on “Riddle Me This

  1. Well, I did Halcyon which is one of the supposedly advanced ones, and really once I did a few repeats the cables were easy. I think you’d be fine. Just pick the sweater you want to make and go for it!

  2. Yeah I think I wonder about this everytime I look through GoL or VLT.

    I figure the levels mean how much experience you have knitting the different techniques. Like with lace I could always read the charts but the more I did the easier it got just from the practice. I figure I’m Intermediate because when I look at Intermediate patterns I think “oh yeah I can do that”, but the Experienced ones make me go “o.o”. (My totally scientific reasoning there.)

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