A Mish-Mash of Sorts

with much stash enhancement.

I finally just went back to my old browser to upload pictures (if anyone can tell me why flickr works on IE for me, but not Firefox and how to fix that I’d be most grateful). So here are some long over due pics.

Of Dad in his Patriot’s Sweater (the full specs on this one are here.)

Of the yarn I’ve been spinning. Since I’ve now got three skeins plied, pictures are long over due.

And this years first (well, technically second,* but first real) project – Nanners!

Now to the stash enhancement, all of which is in the form of fiber for spinning.

*Santa apparently heard about the Loopy Ewe, because he gave me 5oz of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Wool Top, Devon Colourway.

*Mom also heard about the Loopy Ewe, and she and dad gave me 10oz of Lorna’s Laces Combed Wool Top in the Icehouse Colourway. (Apparently mom and Santa like the same colours….which I do too, but it is amusing to see so much of that colour on one day).

*Then I ordered some Sanguine Gryphon for myself from my grandparents.

Gwenhyfar: 3oz, Merino and Silk.

Merlin: 3oz, Merino and Silk.

*Then…because I was trolling etsy for the Phat Fiber Sampler box, I ordered some Copperpot Woolies. These two I’m already planning to make into some socks.

Savannah: 4oz, 100% Merino in deep purple and black.

Inspiration and Emotion: 4oz, Merino and Colonial, in green, purple, and brown/black.

(oh, and I got that Phat Fiber Sampler… it just hasn’t arrived yet… neither has my KnitPicks order… And there’s no picture of the gigantic purse/knitting bag I got – the Namaste Laguna, seriously, big enough to carry around a baby or a big cat in…)

*Technically, I started another scrap blanket, this time in worsted weight. But it hardly counts, since all I’ve done is knit 4 squares.


2 thoughts on “A Mish-Mash of Sorts

  1. Oh my gosh those Lorna’s Laces batts. 😮 Delicious. It all looks dreamy, you will have so much to enjoy at the wheel.

  2. The sweater looks great on your Dad!
    You certainly got lucky over Christmas with you new fiber. I was ogling those same SG batts, too. I’d be interested to hear how you like spinning them, when you get around to them. They’re so gorgeous just to look at!

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