I am wowed, inspired, and awed by this post– go G!

My 2008 was no where near that amazing – and to me feels more like the year of things unfinished (like mom’s Christmas socks which I can’t seem to finish the second one of, or the MDAN shawl which is still only half done, and not to be forgotten the complete failure of Tour de Fleece). But let’s see what the tally says.

Here is the FO round up:


*Theolonius in Knit Picks Kettle Dyed Essentials (Blue Jay) for my sister (finished Dec. 3.08 )
*Carolina Socks in Austermann Step for Lindz (finished Nov. 15.08 )
*Eclipse Socks in Austermann Royal for my other sister (finished Nov. 13.08 )
*Go Gryffindor! Socks in Austermann Royal for Lindz (finished Nov. 6.08 )
*Fanshawe Socks in Austermann Step for me (finished Nov. 2.08 )
*Spring Forward Socks in Austermann Step for me (finished Aug. 5.08 )
*RPM Socks in Noro Kureyon Sock for me (finished June 28.08 )
*Such a Slytherin Socks in Louet Gems and Rowan 4ply for me (finished June 6.08 )
*2 pairs of Ginny Socks in hand-dyed yarn for me (finished May 30.08 and Mar. 22.08 )
*Flutter-by Socks in Tofutsies for me (finished Mar. 29.08 )
*Jaywalkers in Lorna’s Laces for me (finished Mar. 13.08 )
*plain vanilla socks in Austermann Step for me (finished Feb. 08 )
*Sydney Socks in hand-dyed yarn for me (ended up Lindz’ because they didn’t fit me) (finished Jan. 08 )
*Bellatrix Socks in Schoeller + Stahl Limbo Mexiko Color (which I overdyed green) and some black Lanett for me (finished Jan. 08 )


*Hero Pullover in Galloway and Galloway Heather for Dad (finished Dec. 22.08 )
*BSJ in Araucania Ranco Multy (finished Nov. 21.08 )
*Baby Cardigan in Sirdar Snuggly DK for Sophie (finished May 27.08 )

Lace & Shawls:

*Diamond Fantasy Shawl in Fleece Artist Merino Sock for me (finished Oct. 28.08 )
*Swallowtail Shawl in Handmaiden Mini-maiden for me (finished May 28.08 )
*Enchanted Shawl in Suri Merino for Mom (finished Mar. 3.08 )
*Woodland Shawl in Handmaiden Mini-maiden for me (finished Feb. 27.08 )

Accessories & Others:

*Meret in Patons Decor for Nel (finished Dec. 7.08 )
*Child’s Play Beret in Knit Picks Bare for Sophie (finished Dec. 5.08 ) didn’t fit.
*Sheldon with Pirate and Super hero shells in Knit Picks Shine Sport for Sophie (finished Oct. 31.08 )
*Beer Gloves in Knit Picks Bare Merino DK for Neil (finished Oct. 31.08 )
*Alice’s Queen of Heart Gloves in Knit Picks Telemark for Lizzie (finished Oct. 9.08 )
*Spirogyra in handspund Fleece Artist BFL for me (finished Apr. 15.08 )
*Ice Wine Mittens (test knit) in Galloway and Galloway Heather for me (finished Feb. 08 )

Spinning (projects of note):
*Bitter Green – 2ply lace weight, handdyed green merino, c. 1200yds- for Julie (finished Oct. 16.08 )
*PP Custom Blend Merino -2ply lace weight, c. 300yds (finished June 19.08 )

*Mom’s Christmas socks (Stricken) in Knit Picks Kettle Dyed Essentials Ivy (started Dec. 8.08 )
*Honka in Peruvia and Kureyon for me (started Dec. 5.08 )
*Cumulative Effects sock yarn scrap blanket for me (started Nov. 18.08 )
*pattern from Murdered by Lace round 1 in Malabrigo Lace for me (started Nov. 08 )
*Spinning Lorna’s Laces Black Purl combed top, laceweight (started Oct. 24.08 )
*MDAN shawl in Colrain Lace for my Aunt (started Mar. 17.08 )

*socks I was trying to design (started June 11.08 – frogged)
*Frost Flowers triangle (started June 20.08 – hibernating)
*The Shetland Shopper (started June 13.08 – hibernating)
*Mystic Lights Kal (started Mar. 27.08 – frogged)

I guess overall it was a more productive year than I thought (although there are a couple of very significant WIPs leftover…). I also: acquired stash at an amazing rate (wow… looking through my flickr is kind of scary); bought my wheel, Hildr, back in the spring (which has lead to acquiring fiber at an alarming rate…); and did a significant amount of sewing through the summer. This year, so much to do – spinning, knitting (I will finish that sock and the other half of the shawl…)- thesis… oh, yeah, maybe I should go work on that

Actually the whole process of review is kind of inspiring itself. So many things accomplished last year, in knitting and otherwise, that I was not really thinking of as part of 2008, it is kind of hope making for the coming year. Overall, this was a highly beneficial exercise. I wish you all a very full and blessed 2009.

(In other news- last night I might have cast on for another scrap yarn blanket in worsted weight… but I will neither confirm nor deny.)


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