Whoa and Blerg and Y-ay

First off – Happy New Year!! (Only half a month behind!!)

The Whoa:

* I’m supposed to submit my thesis in less than 10 weeks!!

* We are moving to Moncton!!
For those of you unfamiliar with Canadian geography here is the map showing Toronto and Moncton (the distance is a mere 1,522km/946mi and almost a 16hr drive- click view larger map to see the whole thing):

This will be an exciting change, but make the next couple of months INSANE (finish my thesis and move to Moncton at the same time…) I’m hoping for an April move, so I can have the thesis submitted before we leave (though I’m also hoping the house sells fast because I hate living in that house selling mode normally let alone when I have a major writing/research endeavor underway).

The Blerg:

* I’m starting to go into hibernation mode – so not good for my productivity
* I haven’t knit anything since Christmas, (though I have got some spinning done)
* My folks are in the carribean on a cruise… related to Dad’s work, it is a conference/reward and recognition thing, which is great for them. But that means I’m here with the kiddies… who are at least eating really really well…
* Flickr just isn’t working for me since I started using Firefox, which is one of the reasons I’ve been a bad blogger, I’ve nothing to show, because my pictures won’t upload… anyone know how to fix that?

The Y-ay:

*My plan is to defend in May, which means coming back to TO (most likely)… which is all well and good. Enter the drama, I’m in a wedding party… in Boston… in May… (you can see where this is going right…) I think we can avoid actual date conflicts, but I also think I’m going to be a total basketcase for most of May. (Did I mention there is, um, tension between the two camps of bridesmaids… the two from TO and the two from Boston… I won’t go into it, but seriously it is totally their fault. Mostly it isn’t an issue any more and I’ve behaved all the way through, but depending on when I defend, I’m likely going to be working on: little sleep, a very short fuse, seriously frazzled nerves and possibly the after effects of celebration… – again, can you see the potential for crisis there.)

*I’m spinning again!! Yeah!!! Working on the Lorna’s Laces Black Purl combed top. It is spinning up really nice, it decided it wanted to be 2ply laceweight (since my original navajo ply idea didn’t work out so well…). I’ve already got one skein done (mostly because I was running out of bobbins… need to fix that… once I’m in Moncton…). I’m hoping to keep working on it little by little, since I can’t seem to bring myself to work on any large projects, what with the thesis monster breathing down my neck (instead I procrastinate by blogging…)

*Moving means leaving behind (among other things) the Purple Purl and Romni!!! Anyone know anything about yarn stores in the Maritimes?! I found two in the Moncton area on ravelry (thank you ravelry): London-Wul Fibre Arts which is also a farm (with tours!), a studio, and carries Kromski spinning wheels and accessories, which sounds promising. The other is Cricket Cove, of which there seem to be several in the province, and their selection of wools looks solid (and mentions of qiviut and buffalo make me want to go visit right now).

So – there is the drama – oh, and I’m also applying for faculty positions (listen can you hear the universe laughing?) and I’ve deactivated my Facebook account… so I think the general consensus must be that I’ve finally cracked.


2 thoughts on “Whoa and Blerg and Y-ay

  1. I don’t know why the finishing point always attracts the crazy schedules. Yikes but good luck with it all! Now that you’ve got a deadline the light at the end of the tunnel will get you the rest of the way there. Now I’ll have to start investigating Moncton…

  2. What excitement! Congratulations on the exciting move, and good luck with your thesis. How much do you think you have left to write? I should make a push to finish soon, too. Maybe I need a deadline like yours!
    I purchased my Kromski wheel from London-Wul and Heidi is great to work with–very helpful.

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