More Shopping

But first FO pics!
Specs: BSJ of Many Colours
Pattern: Baby Suprise Jacket
Designer: EZ
Size: um, small…
Yarn: Araucania Ranco Multy
Colourway: 314
Yardage: little more than half of the ball
Needles: 3.75mm circs
Cast On: Nov. 19.08
Bound Off: Nov. 21.08

Notes: As has been said before, just follow the instructions (and don’t try to out think EZ) and it works out…perfectly! The one change I did make was to use slip 2 as if to k2tog, k1, pssso for my decreases. This isn’t for anyone in particular and will go into my gift box for some unsuspecting and as yet unborn recipient.

I’ve also finished one of L.’s Christmas socks. I give you my first Thelonious sock. The pattern is crazy complicated the first time through, but I think I have a handle on it now (having memorized the insert lace helps). The second one is about half way through the leg now.

And, yes, I shopped again (really someone needs to stop me!) I went to the Purple Purl. I had over bought for some socks and so had three balls of Austermann Royal to return and I wanted to get something for my godmother, who knits but is allergic to wool (whether just sheep or other animal hair too we have yet to determine) and I’ve been extolling the wonders of lace, circular needles, wooden needles, new and natural fibers, and handpaints to her. So I picked up a skein of the Dye-version sea-cell/silk laceweight blend for her, a pair of addi bamboo needles and the Mountain Solace scarf pattern. (and of course… I also go me a copy of the pattern… I’ll probably end up knitting it with her and walking her through the lace, though I don’t think she’ll need it – she seems to think she would.)

I may also have bought some malabrigo sock

Colourway Persia

Colourway Stonechat

No doubt these will eventually find there way into the CE blanket (of which I now have my first second row square, 22 first row ones…)


One thought on “More Shopping

  1. Oh my, that Malabrigo sock is certainly lovely, isn’t it?!? I’m a little jealous. Bet it sells out pretty quickly at Stitches West in February – I’ll have to be on my toes! And your BSJ is very cute! Maybe you could ask your grandma about a button box for BSJ buttons; they’re an untapped resource for knitters our age, IMO. 🙂

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