It was the wool fumes…

I swear! Well… actually, all things considered I did pretty darn well.

Yes, I bought yarn. I was down on King West (like really far west… as in almost to Roncevalles west) and what do you do when you have hours to kill after a meeting at that end of town before you can catch the GO home (because you couldn’t have the car, because snow makes your father spaz out… it’s not like he didn’t grow up here or anything, but I digress), well, what do you do? I walk the block north to Queen and catch the TCC to Tecumseth and go to Romni. Where I bought the following:

1. 2 skeins of Noro Kureyon in colour way 240, all pinks and purples.

2. 2 skeins of Berroco Peruvia, black.

3. 1 skein of Noro Kureyon Sock in a colourway whose number I can’t remember and which is downstairs in my spinning fiber chest so I can’t get at it right now… oops. But look how nicely it matches my Maid Marian Shawl (how could I not get it?!)

4. 1 50g braid of Fleece Artist BFL, in purples.

5. Alpaca with a Twist dark brown Alpaca roving (7oz).

6. The Evelyn Clark book Knitting Lace Triangles (which I think I’ll find more useful for the information than the 4 patterns she uses as the basis of her shawls, one is pretty much the same as the Diamond Fantasy shawl and the others aren’t doing much for me, but there is tons of great information on designing lace triangles and knitting lace in general).

What I did not buy: the absolutely to die for fawn alpaca roving they had, there was one which was warmer in colour and looked like it had streaks of gold running through it, the other which I actually liked better, was cooler in colour – it was the softest stuff on the planet and the colour was stunning; the dark green corridale I had in my basket; a niddy noddy that was only marginally larger than the one I had; any of the other sock yarn (and if you’ve been there, you know just how much that is); or the cone of purple lace-weight.

In other knitting news:
1. I’m into the 90sts back and forth in the BSJ. (BTW- the other colours of the yarn that I’m using are really pretty, apparently this is their only inexplicable colourway…)

2. Here are a few more squares for the blanket. (Any body have sock yarn ends and want to trade…)

(clockwise from top) pink mystery yarn of which I only ever had a very small amount; DGB Confetti; Lorna’s Laces; Fleece Artist Merino 2/6

3. The Kureyon and the Peruvia will become this scarf. *insert entire weekend*

Whoa, yeah – well… I finished the BSJ (pictures tomorrow), knit more squares (again, pictures tomorrow) and started my sock, but ended up frogging after a few inches because there was a knot, (darn) and I wanted the pattern to work so I’m going to start again in the section after the knot (the frogged yarn will be added to the blanket).


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