Well, not exactly.

I did cast on the Cypress Shawl. And I did start my new sock yarn scrap blanket (more below), but it is the increasing queue of projects with yarn balled, needles allocated and patterns and matierals bundled that is beginning to get out of hand.

First off, the blanket, which I’ll be calling Cumulative Effects. I’m using the Sock Yarn Blanket… guidelines… by Shelly Kang (see the links in the sidebar of her blog). I’ve been saving up sock yarn (well, technically I save everything, but that is besides the point) for some time and after one abortive attempt, I think I’ve found the pattern to make this work. Having started yesterday I now have 7 squares, which is a loooong way from making any kind of dent in either the project or the yarn I have for it. I’m aiming to make a bed sized blanket and also to be working on it… well, for a very long time. At the moment I’m preparing first row squares, and I’m using a cable cast on because… I don’t want to fuss with a provisional one and I can always i-cord over the cable cast on later if I want to. At the moment my Noro and my Step remenants are not part of the yarn I’ve set aside for this project, because there is so much yardage left in those that I should be able to combine the leftovers and knit more socks (then whatever’s leftover will go into the blanket) but everything else is there – Fleece Artist, Handmaiden, Koigu, various hand-dyes, Lornas Laces, Louet Gems, lots of good stuff.

Tofutsies (pink at top), hand-dyed (blue at top); Fleece Artist BFL hand-spun by me (green middle), DGB Confetti (middle, middle), Handmaiden Minimaiden (aqua middle); hand-dyed (purple bottom), Online (blue bottom)

The ever increasing queue has two sources, the first is Christmas – I have one pair of socks ready to go (everything in the project bag, yarn end found) – but it is a Cookie A pattern (Theolonius) and will require that I pay attention to it, which conflicts with the second reason, I’m going away this weekend. Since I’m going away I need a couple of projects with varying levels of attention required – knitting in the car or when we are sitting around in the evening can be a little more complicated (so my shawl is coming). Active company knitting, requires something I hardly have to pay attention to, enter a pair of Noro socks, which will probably use the chevron pattern from these socks, but knit top down. And then something in between, enter the yarn from yesterday and EZ and you’ll find the makings of a BSJ in my new knitting tote. That gives me four new projects started (by the end of the weekend) and five by next week, when I’ll turn to the other socks! And the sweater is still not finished (I thought about bringing it, but with all that yarn it just isn’t very portable). And the MDAN is languishing in its box. Ahhhhh!! Someone should really stop me… (good thing I haven’t been able to get near a supply of Noro for those scarves…)

On the upside, this Kureyon Sock is really pretty!

PS. We had sun this morning, and since they were just finished blocking (read- I found them in my shower…) here is a better picture of A.’s Christmas Socks.


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